• January 27, 2015
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UF heater's back to full capacity

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Posted: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 12:00 am

After breaking down prior to the start of spring classes, UF’s cogeneration plant, which provides heat for buildings on campus, is up and running again.

“Normal levels of heat are being realized campus-wide at this time,” wrote Sharon Blansett, the assistant director of housing for research and organizational development, in an e-mail to dorm residents Monday.

However, she warned residents that heat ranges may be lower than previous levels.

Students who experience temperatures less than 67 or 68 degrees should complete online iService maintenance requests, Blansett wrote.

The problem occured when the generator, a turbine engine located near the Health Science Center at UF’s Progress Energy cogeneration plant, failed several weeks ago.

Prior to the engine being restored last Wednesday, UF had to use a back-up system that performed at less-than optimal standards.

Katrina Sharp, an agricultural education junior who lives in Keys Complex, said she didn’t notice any lack of heating in her dorm.

 However, she said the classrooms were a different story.

“It was pretty miserable,” Sharp said. “I didn’t want to take my jacket off. I actually preferred the buses because they were much warmer.”

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