Paying tuition is now easier.

Make a Payment is a new addition to the UF mobile website that lets students pay tuition and fees from their wireless device.

UF Information Technology, under the guidance of the University Bursar’s Office, began efforts to mobilize the myUFL feature, which went live in December.

“Students can feel completely safe when making payments using the myUFL mobile ‘Make a Payment’ app,” UF’s Information Technology Communications Manager Tracy Gale wrote in an email. “The series of security checks and encryption is extremely secure.”

Gale said the Bursar’s office oversaw the project on behalf of UF students and began working on the addition in mid-2012.

Payment options for the 500 payments made on myUFL each day are important, she said, because students live in an increasingly mobile world.

“We want to make the UF academic and administrative environment as student-friendly as we possibly can,” she said.

Gale said she didn’t know how many students would use the mobile version instead of the Web version.

Brooke Meislik, a 20-year-old chemistry junior, will stick to paying her fees online.

“I use the Web more for making purchases,” she said. “It’s very time-consuming to type in that information on the phone.”

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