While electronic cigarettes are advertised as a healthier alternative to cigarettes containing smoke, UF and the American Lung Association oppose them despite their claim to be better on lungs and the environment.

Electronic cigarettes are rechargeable, battery-operated, personal vaporizers that mimic the look of an actual cigarette. There is no tobacco or smoke. Instead, water vapor is inhaled, resembling smoke and a sensored light gets brighter when the smoker takes a puff.

“Electronic cigarettes are definitely not recommended for quitting smoking,” said Jane Emmeree, a health promotion specialist at GatorWell. Instead, she said, they just reinforce the motion of the habit.

She said the levels of nicotine are not sufficient to satisfy a habitual smoker in the first place and therefore not effective for quitting.

“The American Lung Association is very concerned about Electronic Cigarettes,” said Erika Sward, the association’s director of national advocacy. “Until the FDA determines they are safe, they should be taken out of the marketplace.”

Electronic cigarettes are not allowed on campus under the smoking ban, said UF spokesman Steve Orlando.


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I think you should do a little more research. I haven't smoked in more than 1 1/2 years thanks to the electronic cigarettes. I've also lowered my nicotine quite a bit. Feel better than I have in decades after over 25 years of smoking. My lungs are clear and my DOCTOR APPROVES. Tried many methods to quit smoking that just don't work. With the e cigarette I wasn't even trying to quit smoking. It is a great alternative to smoking in my opinion. Thousands of people on e cigarette forums would concur.


[sad] I was a 2 pack/day smoker for over 30 years. I tried everything in an attemot to quit (gum, patches, hypnosis, cold turkey) but one week smoke free is the longest that I ever accomplished.

Last year I tried an e-cig and after several months of cutting back on regular cigarettes and increasing my e-cig use I finally quit analogs! In addition, over the past few months I have cut down the nicotine for the equivelenat of 2 packs a day to 2 cigarettes a day!

There are many success stories on e-cig forums that you should check out before discounting this as a healthful and cost effective means to quit smoking.

Go Gators!


[angry] The FDA isn't taxing electronic cigarettes; therefore, they shouldn't be used as an aid to stop people from smoking tobacco cigarettes. That's the logic that goes into FDA's dislike of e-cigarettes. Let's get something straight, nicotine is as harmful as caffeine. Caffeine, by itself, is not healthy just like nicotine. E-cigarettes are an alternative for people to make a life saving decision. E-cigarettes contain no tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, butane, acetone, methanol, etc. I smoked two packs of tobacco cigarettes a day for 18 years. I purchased my first electric cigarette in March 2010 and haven't smoked tobacco since then. My wife has cut back, but still smokes tobacco. She does have an e-cig for when we go out. I love not smelling like smoke any longer. www.eCigChoices.com


"“Electronic cigarettes are definitely not recommended for quitting smoking,” said Jane Emmeree, a health promotion specialist at GatorWell. Instead, she said, they just reinforce the motion of the habit."

Did Jane ever consider that the motion of the habit using an E Cig may actually help a smoker get off cigarettes rather than support the act? Of course not.

Do these non-smokers such as Jane Emmeree and the ALA have a better idea of what works to get a person off smoking than smokers do? Using ALA approved methods more times than I can remember plus every other method under the sun over a 43 year smoking habit, I have a pretty good idea what does and doesn't work. At the end I was smoking 2-3 packs a day and I had given up trying to give up smoking. That is until my girlfriend persuaded me to try one of these.

It still takes some will power, but from the time I started used them, I reduced my actual cigarette count to no more than six a day on average for a seven month period. I now have gone nine and a half more months without smoking and I have no desire to do so.

As one of the commenters stated nicotine in itself isn't the issue, it's the smoke. Organizations like the ALA, one of the ?non-profit?"health" organizations that are now more interested in protecting their clients' ,the Pharma industry, profits than health. They should be ashamed.


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Wow, what an outrageously uninformed bit of writing this is.

Vaping is by FAR the most successful means ever devised (short of death by lung cancer) for people to switch off the cigarettes. And, the reason is exactly because of the reason the Jane Emmeree claims they shouldn't be used. The hand-mouth thing in a long term smoker is a DEEPLY engrained habit. That's the reason the FDA approved NRTs have such a dismally low success rate. Vaping allows the smoker to maintain the obviously harmless physical habit, while leaving the smoke behind. It ain't the nicotine which kills you, it's the smoke, duh!

This kind of uninformed drivel is harmful to the smokers of this country who wish to leave cigarettes at the counter. It also is typical of the propaganda pushed by the Big Tobacco, Big Pharmacy, Big Government coalition ... they all stand to lose money due to people getting off cigarettes.

And, the concluding sentence, proclaiming that UF has banned them from campus ... what kind of insanity is that anyway??? [sad]


Nicotine cessation products recommended by the American Lung Association have a 7% success rate for achieving smoking abstinence. When treatment ends, relapse begins. By providing a less harmnful source of nicotine, up to 80% of users are able to abstain from smoking. Electronic cigarette consumers are enjoying the same health improvements seen by those who use any other method to abstain from smoking. Nicotine is not a direct cause of lung disease, heart disease or cancer. It's the smoke. Since nothing is burned in an electronic cigarette, there is no smoke to endanger the user or bystanders.

Mikey Said It
Mikey Said It

What will work better than anything you can spend $$$ on is to look at some photos of what it is doing to all of your internal body parts, and then JUST SAY NO ..

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