How Do You Roll?, a custom sushi restaurant across from The Swamp, has opened its doors for business.

The restaurant, 1802 W. University Ave., offers fresh and unique ingredients, said co-owner Ellen Aschenbrener.

“We’re kind of like sushi rebels,” she said.

Customers can choose a predesigned roll — which cost between $3 and $7 — or create their own for $4 to $6. The restaurant also offers rice bowls, vegan and gluten-free rolls and 13 rolls with fewer than 300 calories, Aschenbrener said. Her husband, co-owner Matt Aschenbrener, said about 60 percent of people choose pre-designed rolls.

UF advertising sophomore Jen Wallshein said she liked how there was no extra charge for dipping sauces or brown rice.

“The idea of being able to customize your own roll appeals to many students,” Wallshein said. The 20-year-old said the long line and slow service was discouraging when she first arrived. But, she said, the owners made up for it by giving customers free mochi balls.

Matt Aschenbrener said a challenge they’re facing right now is parking.

With no street parking directly outside the restaurant and a parking garage that’s still under construction, people must walk or park blocks away.

He hopes to alleviate the problem.

The owners said they are working on building an outdoor patio, as well.

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