Jay Rosen makes collages inspired by dada art in his spare time.

“I like to take things apart and create something new,” the 25-year-old UF fine arts alumnus said. “I take magazines from the 1960s and I cut them up and make new imagery from the news.”

The art gallery at the Hippodrome State Theatre, located at 25 SE Second Place, opened its first-ever dada art collection today. The exhibit, filled with art created by Gainesville locals, will run through May 29.

Dada art originated in 1916 and “challenged the concept of what constitutes a work of art and its aesthetic value,” according to the exhibit’s Facebook page.

“It’s very politically charged,” Rosen said.

Jessica Hurov, the managing director for the Hippodrome, said the displays are comprised of diverse creations.

“We hope their work sparks creative drive and gives people food for thought,” she said.

She said the gallery has 25 pieces of artwork, and 24 other pieces will be on display at the gallery at Oak Hammock, located at 5100 SW 25th Blvd., from April 11 to July 9.  

“The Hippodrome is displaying all the sculptural and 3D pieces,” Hurov said. “We also have some hanging pieces.”

Casey Wooster, a 23-year-old UF museum studies master’s student, said she is passionate about the dada movement. 

“I love that art can say so much without saying anything at all,” she said.