After a six-year absence, an American-style circus will be back in Gainesville for a two-day performance.

Cole Bros. Circus Of The Stars will perform in The Oaks Mall parking lot at 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. today and Tuesday.

Chris Connors, performance director and ringmaster, said the circus is the world’s largest and America’s oldest big top circus. This year, the show will feature 20 acts by about 40 performers.

“The circus opens up with a roar and ends with a bang,” he said.

Bill Carter, marketing director of the circus, said the event will include several signature shows, including a human cannonball featuring the world’s largest cannon.

The show will also include new acts from a Colombian high-wire troupe as well as up-close performances by baby elephants and white tigers.

“It is a much more intimate experience than seeing a circus in an arena,” Carter said.

Cole Bros. Circus Of The Stars travels up and down the United States’ East Coast for nine months every year. It is currently in its 129th season of touring.

Discounted tickets can be purchased online at or at regular price at the box office in front of the tent. Free children’s tickets are available at various restaurants around town.

The show works and performs seven days a week, usually in three different towns a week, Carter said. After Tuesday’s final performance, the circus will continue its tour in Brunswick, Ga.

“It’s a city that moves at night,” Carter said.

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