UF student Guy Ginton may not need medical marijuana, but he supports it for people who do.

Eighteen states, plus the District of Columbia, allow the use of medical marijuana, and Florida may be next.

Florida State Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, filed the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act on Feb. 27, which would allow for the possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes in Florida.

The bill is named for Cathy Jordan, the president of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her house was raided by police, seizing the marijuana she was using to treat her condition.

“Her case really demonstrates a lot of what’s going on right now,” said Ginton, 21, an UF economics junior and former president of UF’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Ginton said he feels people should have full rights to use marijuana as medicine.

“Right now, you have people who can be treated with this medicine and aren’t able,” he said. “It’s a weird situation — in certain states you can be treated, but in others you can’t.”

A recent poll showed as many as seven in 10 Florida voters would support a state constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana. The poll, which was conducted by People United for Medical Marijuana, showed 24 percent of respondents opposed medical marijuana. The bill was introduced to the Florida Senate on March 5.

But UF anthropology sophomore Mariah Nelson, 19, said she would vote against medical marijuana.

“I don’t think it should be smoked,” she said. “There are other, healthier ways to relieve stress and pain.”

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" “There are other, healthier ways to relieve stress and pain.”" at 19 I'm sure you would know all about the pain and suffering life can throw at you.


In reply to the last sentence, it can be eaten in foods, extracts applied to the skin, etc. Most pharmaceuticals have many unwanted side effects, not to mention their expense. Good job being brainwashed by big pharma. Let people do what they want, especially if they are dying anyway.


" “There are other, healthier ways to relieve stress and pain.”" tell that to my husband who died after he was forced to stop treating chronic pain with cannabis and put on oxycotin-opps


A 19-year old knows nothing about marijuana...All the anti campaigns are collected by people who don't use marijuana...Prescription drugs are deadlier Do property owners want to bear a burden housing non-violent offenders because lobbyists and enforcement need jobs? Compassion for the sick today!!! Let them choose what they want to do with their bodies.

J Cox
J Cox

There are other ways to get the medicine other than smoking it I have my medical card in Colorado but was born and raised in Florida and still spend a few months of the year there. I like the candies infused with THC and CBD. Please learn more about an issue before you bash it. I understand people not wanting people to smoke it, but there is no proven down side of eating it. They have butters for cooking chocolate bars of every flavor lollipops as well as just concentrated drops you can add to something or just put on your tung. The people who grow it check everyday normally to make sure it is growing properly with out harmful chemicals and have it separated by Indicas and Sativas as well as hybrids. Each one has there purpose. My friend who also has his card choses to make most of his own edibles with the buds he gets. You can only have it if a Doctor recommends it to you. I was being prescribed high doses of pain killers which are horrible for your body, and why should I have to take those when here in Florida. I am not saying it should be recreational at least not yet. But grow up weed isn't just for hippys wanting to get high but for people in pain or need it for one of the almost countless illnesses it can be used for. It is naturally found in the environment , with nothing needed to be added to it like cocaine or heroine. People need to grow up and not bash something with out knowing the facts.


The ECS (Endocannabinoid system) is a critical modulator of physiological functions not only in the central nervous system but also in the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine network, the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract, the reproductive system, in microcirculation, and most important the cytokine network, which is the source of inflammation and the cause of nearly if not all disease. Science is learning that the cytokine network is also the cause of most if not all, mental health issues and disorders such as Autism. We also know cannabinoids kill cancer.

Our bodies run on cannabinoids, some people don't produce enough, like a diabetic with insulin. When the body's own endocannabinoids are diminished, this causes a function issue within the body's systems.

While we are a capitalist society, to create diseases for an industry to feed on by maintaining an illegal status of a plant that science has proven repeatedly to be a necessity for homeostasis is unacceptable by any government and no different from feeding the Christians to the lions. It is a genocide.


"But UF anthropology sophomore Mariah Nelson, 19, said she would vote against medical marijuana. “I don’t think it should be smoked,” she said..."

I'm glad an anthropology major's expert opinion is that “There are other, healthier ways to relieve stress and pain.”

It's great that in America, just because an uneducated-on-the-subject person says so, people have to do.

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