A year ago, a company bloomed with a simple idea: Bike from house to house collecting compostable materials.

That company, Gainesville Compost, is giving away some food grown by its compost to celebrate its one-year anniversary. The event will be from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday at Tempo Bistro To Go, 1516 NW 13th St.

“The idea is to close the loop by turning waste back into food,” said Chris Cano, CEO of Gainesville Compost and 24-year-old UF alumnus.

Gainesville Compost is a bicycle-powered composting service that pedals to its partners and picks up their food waste for free to be used for composting. Gainesville Compost currently works with 12 businesses and diverts an average of 240 gallons of food waste from landfills each week.

“I really support everything they’re doing,” said Jennifer Larrick, A 19-year-old applied physiology and kinesiology and psychology sophomore. “It’s a cycle that just makes sense.”

John Drum, owner of Tempo Bistro to Go, said his business was among the first to work with Gainesville Compost.

“By composting and creating the garden,” he said, “I know that the vegetables I’m eating are truly organic in shape and form.”