Supporters of Hillary Clinton are getting their own space.

On Sunday, the Hillary for America Gainesville office will open at 1731 NW Sixth St. From 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., it will open its doors for volunteers, activists and supporters of Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate.

Susan Bottcher, 57, a local volunteer for the Clinton campaign, said a Gainesville couple donated the office. The office gives supporters of Clinton a place to gather in support, she said.  

“It makes it real for the citizens,” she said. “It’s something they can see, it’s someplace they can go.”

Caroline Stonecipher, 22, said the office will be a place for Gators for Hillary, a UF student organization, to call registered Democrats in Alachua County.

Stonecipher, the president of Gators for Hillary, said she would have members make calls from her sorority house, but it was difficult for non-student supporters to get to meetings.

With an established location, she said they can host fundraisers, meetings and debate watch parties.

“It’ll be really nice to have an office where we can do it without bothering anyone,” the UF psychology senior said. “It’s sort of legitimizes our efforts.”

Stonecipher, who will be attending a Bill Clinton rally in Miami during the office’s grand opening, said she believes this upcoming presidential election will be important.

“I just think that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done,” she said, “and I think that Hillary will move us in the right direction.”

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Hillary for Prison 2016


Will visitors be able to use the restrooms without escort?

Anita Sensayuma

How do people ignore the countless major negatives of Hillary to support such a dishonest creep?

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