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UF President Bernie Machen has joined the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute's Board of Trustees, the institute announced Tuesday.

"As president of one of Florida's leading research institutions, Bernie brings deep expertise and unparalleled passion for research to our Board of Trustees," Dr. John C. Reed, CEO of Sanford-Burnham, said.

Reed is also an adjunct professor at UF.

Reed and Machen have known each other and worked together for several years, said Sanford-Burnham communications director Deborah Robison.

Machen has been involved with Sanford-Burnham since 2006, when the institute was still considering expanding to its Lake Nona, Orlando location.

"I look forward to my role on the board and the many new partnership opportunities to come," Machen said in a statement prepared by Sanford-Burnham communications specialist Patrick Bartosch.

Sanford-Burnham, a non-profit public benefit corporation, performs research into the molecular causes of disease and innovative therapy techniques, according to the institute's website.

Sanford-Burnham places a particular emphasis on stem cell research and drug discovery technology.

It operates out of three locations — in La Jolla and Santa Barbara, Calif., and Orlando — and ranks third in the U.S. among all laboratory-based life sciences research in National Institutes for Health grant funding.

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