UF Supreme Court might not be able to meet during the Summer.

At Tuesday night’s Student Senate meeting, senators challenged Student Body President Joselin Padron-Rasines’ nominations for the UF Supreme Court.

After she announced her appointments, which she chose Feb. 10, she was accused of not reaching out to more students and not considering more gender diversity. She nominated Kenneth Cunningham, a gay army veteran, and Adam Trumbly, the only Native-American student in UF’s second-year law class.

After her appointment failed to pass by majority vote, Padron-Rasines said she was furious senators used diversity as a reason to deny the motion.

“I think it is disgusting that they used diversity for political gain,” she said. She added that she looked for qualified candidates, not “checkmarks” for a diversity quota.

She said she won’t have enough time to reopen applications and complete interviews before April 19. The next Student Body president, Susan Webster, will need to appoint new nominees.

Andy Schein, the chief justice of the court, will graduate this semester. Once he does, the court won’t have the minimum number of members to meet.

“I’m going to be real here for a minute,” Schein said. “The Supreme Court here at UF is supposed to be a non-partisan position and a non-partisan body.”


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