While UF students are gearing back up for school, the Student Senate is already prepared to take on the Fall 2013 Student Government elections.

Seventeen assistant supervisors of elections were appointed unanimously as a block at the first Senate meeting of the semester Tuesday night.

They are: Caroline Armstrong, Harry Cutler, Patrick Fieldson, Jordan Jones, Theresa Macari, Jade Mulvaney, Matthew Price, Kyle Rodriguez, Benjamin Weiner, Eva Brinkman, Kyle Dickinson, Brendon Jonassaint, Jeffrey Leavitt, Lucy Miller, Emily Murrow, Jaylyn Pruitt and David Soto.

Supervisor of Elections Justin Hoover reduced the number of assistant supervisors from 24 in Spring.

He plans to station 12 supervisors at each polling location.

The remaining five will become “area leaders” overseeing the voting process.

Afterward, Hoover presented the contingency plan for the 2013 Fall elections.

The plan remained the same as the Spring 2012 contingency plan.

“We didn’t have any problems last year, so I didn’t feel the need to change something that’s not broken,” he said.

Because students vote based off their residency in Fall, Senator Daniella Saetta expressed concern over constituents mistakenly voting in District E, a district for students who live outside of Gainesville.

The system places students in this district if their information on myUFL lists their home address rather than their Gainesville address.

Hoover said he would remind students to update their information via myUFL through venues such as the Alligator.

A version of this story ran on page 4 on 8/28/2013 under the headline "Senate ready for Fall 2013 elections, which are Oct. 1 and 2"

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