UF football coach Will Muschamp publicly endorsed the Students Party vice presidential candidate last week for the upcoming Student Government elections.

Gators fullback Jesse Schmitt is the Students Party vice presidential candidate for Tuesday's and Wednesday's elections.

Schmitt walked onto the football team last year.

"I wanted to join his teammates in endorsing Jesse as VP for Student Government," Muschamp wrote in a letter to UF students. "I know that his leadership and drive for excellence will make him successful and in turn make campus a better place for every student."

As far as Schmitt knows, this is the first time a coach has endorsed a student. He said he would assume that when an athlete runs, the coach would endorse the candidate.

Schmitt said the last student athlete to be elected as an executive officer was Terry Jackson, who was elected in 1998 as Student Body vice president.

Two of Schmitt's teammates, linebacker Graham Stewart and running back Trey Burton, appeared in a Students Party video campaign ad on Thursday. The video showed Stewart tackling Schmitt and Burton staring at a cat. It had about 4,400 views as of press time.

The football team will also campaign on campus with the Students Party, Schmitt said.

He said he is glad to have the team behind him.

"They're all incredible compliments that Muschamp gave," he said. "I hope I can do the football team proud."

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I just saw a video that showed Trey Burton supporting the Unite Party as well as Jeff Driskell and a few other UF student athletes...


Will Muschamp needs to stick to coaching, but at least he blindly supports his players, gotta respect that


HAHA ya i saw that too, looks as if they were being held at gun point while on the tape. Seriously people could they look like they care less about what they are saying?At the end of the day who do you actually think they are going to support? Some random frat dude or a member of their football team?? Doesn't take a brain scientist to figure it out.


Hey, knowsmorethanyou, what exactly is a "brain scientist?"


Hey smarsh, its called a turn of phrase, obviously its not literal.


I believe the turn of phrase you were looking for is "brain surgeon," not to be confused with "rocket scientist." In any regard, isn't there some lost conduct code which prohibits UF employees and/or UF associates from endorsing one party over another? It's weird how the Alligator hasn't mentioned these violations as of yet...


Will Muschamp is not a UF employee; he is a UAA employee


I understand that, hence the mention of "UF associates." I haven't read the rules as of late, and frankly don't give enough fucks to search for it. It just seems that when someone who indirectly (and quite possibly directly in the instance of Muschamp) represents UF as a whole takes a stance in an issue such as this, the opinion of UF as a whole is reflected (albeit unintentionally). Laypersons most likely aren't aware that Muschamp is not an employee of UF directly, and could mistake his opinions as that of the official stance of UF as an institution. Either way, I'm sure the "bipartisan" reporters at the "Independent" Florida Alligator did everything in their power to manipulate the story to better support the Student Party.

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