Select merchandise will be 20 percent off at the University of Florida Bookstores today thanks to a continued effort by Student Government.

Last fall, SG partnered with UF's Business Services Division to bring students the discount. The 6.25 percent discount on textbooks saved students approximately $45,000.

Although students are likely to see SG-initiated discounts in the future, last fall's textbook deal will not be repeatedsaid Lynne Vaughan, director of the UF Bookstores.

"It was a one-time deal," Vaughan said. "It would be nice. I know everyone enjoyed it, but the margin's not there. We'd be selling at a loss."

Also excluded from the deal are electronics, computer software and batteries. Today's discount applies only to supplies such as paper, binders, writing instruments, scrubs and residence hall essentials.

"Anything that helps students save a little bit of money on supplies they need for class, I think, is a great thing," said Kevin Reilly, Student Body President.

In order to qualify for the discount, the purchases must be made in-store today between 7:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. Students can use the discount and purchase their items with deferment.

Vaughan hopes the one-day deal will increase goodwill with the students, and she hopes it will keep students from shopping elsewhere.

"The University of Florida is a big pie, and all of the businesses across the street want a slice of that pie, and I want my slice to be the biggest," Vaughan said.

In addition to the Reitz Union location, the bookstores in the medical and veterinarian schools are also participating today. The law school location will offer the same discount on Friday.

UF freshman Jenelle Demers said she was pleased to hear of the discount but thought the event should have been better publicized.

"They should do textbooks every semester and supplies in the fall," Demers said, adding she already has school supplies. "Any discount is fine with me. I'm sure someone needs it."