crime tape

A Gainesville woman was arrested Monday for allegedly possessing drugs and paraphernalia and for smuggling drugs, hidden in her pubic area, into a jail.

Deputies from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office saw Natalie Brewer at about 11:26 p.m., according to the arrest report. She was reportedly in the driver’s seat of a silver van outside of 7122 SW 44th Place.




Brewer, 30, allegedly threw a marijuana blunt into the front area of the car. She then attempted to hide something in her pubic area, according to the report. Brewer was leaned forward with her hands concealed.

The deputies reportedly smelled burnt marijuana. They gave commands for Brewer to show her hands and exit the car, but she initially refused. The car was searched after she complied.

According to the report, the search revealed the blunt and numerous drug paraphernalia, which included a crushed pill, a glass pipe, medical syringes — one filled with a brownish liquid — and two spoons with white residue, which tested positive for methamphetamine.

Before going to Alachua County Jail, Brewer told deputies there were no more drugs on her person. During the screening process, the booking detention officer reportedly noticed something in her pubic area.

A strip search revealed three small plastic bags with an unknown powdery substance and a Xanax pill concealed in her pubic area.

According to jail records, Brewer’s bond has been set to $18,000.

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