Editor's Notes: Smith Meyers declined questions for an article about his arrest. This is his personal statement he sent in lieu of answers.

A previous headline, 'Mistakes were made,' previously titled this post. It has since been changed and was not provided by Meyers.

Hello Gators,

Early in the morning Tuesday, March 7, I was involved in an incident with the local police while on spring break in Key West. Even though the case is still under review, as the Student Body president-elect of UF, I am called to a higher standard. Though I am imperfect and human, the office I was elected to calls me to be an example to those I represent. I failed in this and offer my sincere apologies to everyone affected by my actions and to all Gators for representing UF in such a negative light. While I am appreciative of the love and support I have received from everyone during this time, I also recognize I have let a lot of people down and must work to earn back the trust of those around me. As many people know, I ran on the motto, “Character that counts.” This incident, while out of character, undoubtedly contradicts that motto. Nonetheless, I remain committed to good character and will work to prove it throughout my term. I am fully cooperating with law enforcement to resolve this incident and will be as transparent as possible as the case continues.


Smith Meyers