UF’s Vice President of Student Affairs’ David Parrott’s “incomprehension” statement is factually false because it incorrectly implies that violence has only occurred against blacks across the nation. The Washington Post reported July 8 that of the 509 people who had been killed by police in 2016, 123 were African-American. That means about 75 percent of the people killed were not African-American. To say there was only violence against blacks across the nation is, and continues to be, a blatant and intolerable misstatement of fact.

In Parrott’s “struggle to finds words,” he has actually continued a false narrative that white people hate black people because he specifically excluded the fact that the problems in Ohio, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina were due to police violence, not white-on-black hatred.

Parrott makes a further implication as the vice president for Student Affairs that he “speaks” for the university and that it agrees with his false assertions that violence is only and solely committed against African-Americans by whites and all whites are guilty of black hatred.

Furthermore, why didn't he hope that the tragedies in Chicago, where hundreds of African-Americans have been killed and thousands have been injured, not go unnoticed? He is complaining about violence against African-Americans, yet he is excluding the violence not committed by whites or police? Why not conduct a respective or supportive dialogue about the shooting and tensions in Chicago? If he wants to be truly concerned about violence in the U.S., then why not expose the entire truth about violence? Why omit vital facts about the situation? If Parrott truly cared, why not say “all violence matters?” He should be upset about violence against all Americans. When Parrott and others are selective about which acts of violence to be outraged about, it does nothing but further divide us and builds the walls his Office of Multicultural Affairs should be tearing down.

I understand his zeal to encourage students to stand together and participate, but it’s not his job to do that. When he prefaces his request with gross misstatements of fact and omissions, it only serves to divide the UF Student Body into white aggressors and (everyone else) victim groups. In his letter, for me, he portrayed whites as racists who just want to commit violence on anyone and everyone who is not white. He has created more divisiveness, not more diversity.

Parrot’s email should not have been sent using the student-wide server. It contained his private and factually inaccurate opinion about the state of our nation. It created the appearance that UF supported and agreed with his blatant falsehoods. It was an attack and an insult to me and all Americans, because he implied we (anyone not black) are all racists and practice black hatred as a matter of course, which I do not. I feel that the university should retract the statement, and Parrott should apologize. Furthermore, personal opinions should be limited to personal and private email servers, and school-wide emails need to be fact-checked before they are sent.


John Jones, UF business student

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Sir, while I respect your opinion and concerns, I think you're missing the bigger picture and point of these discussions and issues occurring around our nation. While saddened, I am not shocked, as I am sure many feel the way that you do.

However, you must understand how marginialized communities feel, and you must educate yourself on the struggles that these communities -- specifically the Black and African American community has faced.

Your argument sounds a little disjointed, it seems as if you did not stick to your point.

I encourage this discussion to move further, I encourage you to visit our spaces here on campus, whether that be the Institute of Black Culture (conveniently located in front of the business school, if you didn't know) and the Black Enrichment Center inside of the Reitz Union.

Let's have a talk, let's address Chicago, let's address Black on black crime, and hopefully I will be able to educate you as to why the Vice President of a student Affairs is seeking to be a voice for Black/Colored students here at the University of Florida.

Thank you

Facts First

" I will be able to educate you" that's a pretty condescending remark. You won't get much dialog with attitude. And if your goal is dialog, you could do better in attaining your goal. I think another problem is the writer was expressing his opinion in facts, while you want him to deal in "feelings". Feelings are important but don't preclude the facts. The facts are approximately 30% of all rapes on white women are committed by black men per fbi statistics. Those same statistics can't even measure the amount of white men raping black women . The number is so low it shows a 0 %. Unless you want to claim the FBI are staffed by complete racists and liars that alter the stats ( and be prepared to give evidence) a reasonable person would acknowledge there is a violence problem in the black community that is not driven by " the white man is the devil" ( I use that quote as it was quoted by the alleged brother of the charlotte man killed by a black cop) I also heard during the charlotte protests, "white lives don't matter" , but I digress. I believe the black community has been purposely disadvantaged, and I think that's the plan of the rich white billionaire who is funding BLM. Keep black people focused on feelings, keep them in victimology and you will always have control. One can not be a victor if your on the sidelines being a victim. The future black financial upper class were not out on the street rioting in Charlotte, they were at work or working at home, networking, raising capitol, reading, writing and building their future. #Hotep

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