Tuesday's editorial asked about all the delay for construction of University Corners and blamed it on legal battles in the courts because of the ,98 million tax giveaway to the developers by the Gainesville City Commission.

Well, what ever happened to the concept of risk when it comes to development by capitalists?

If a capitalist developer can't put up his own money for his own well thought-out plan and take his own risk about whether to make a bundle or lose a bundle, then he's got no business being a capitalist.

I took a risk in buying a house, and I pay my property taxes every year without any subsidy or tax break from city commissioners. Where's my handout?

As a related article pointed out, there were 19 thriving businesses in that location before this debacle began. Now none of them are paying property taxes and the space is being wasted. The local governments should not be subsidizing capitalist development.

These same capitalists are usually the first to object when anyone suggests government subsidy for something like, oh, I don't know, maybe health care?

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