Damontre Harris is re-enrolled at UF, coach Billy Donovan said after No. 10 Florida’s 74-58 win against South Carolina on Wednesday.

Harris will try to work his way back onto the team and into the coaching staff’s good graces, but Donovan asserted that the center would not play for the Gators this season and has a long way to go before joining the team in spring practices.

Donovan said he and Harris traded texts over the holiday break, with Harris saying that he “made a big mistake.” Harris had the opportunity to transfer to another Division I program or NAIA program, but he decided he wants to stay in Gainesville.

“He understands the criteria and the groundwork that needs to be done,” Donovan said. “He understands what we expect out of him.

“It’s going to be a long road for him. Whether or not he can do it, we'll see. But he wants to give it a shot, and I figured I'd like to help him and see what he can do.”

The 6-foot-10 Harris, who transferred to Florida from South Carolina in 2012, was dismissed from the Gators on Dec. 21 after not practicing with the team for about two months. He had been suspended for most of the fall for violating team rules and never played a game for Florida.

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