Atlanta-based electronic music duo ATLiens will be performing at Simons on Friday night for their Space Cult Tour, playing alongside opening acts FLTHYVBZ and Frostbyte. The show is being hosted by Lucid Nightlife, which has been committed to bringing high-quality electronic events to Gainesville.

Matt Collins, promoter and owner of Lucid Nightlife, said they are able to choose talented acts due to having a good ear on which artists are popular and how the scene looks for in an event.

“I’m personally excited to have ATLiens playing here, since they are great producers and well respected in the scene,” Collins said. “We have been looking to get them here for quite a few months, so I’m excited it’s finally happening.”

Danny Ospino, a 23-year-old Santa Fe graphic design senior, said he’s planning on attending the show after hearing ATLiens featured on a few of his favorite songs such as “Interlock,” “Alchemy,” “Thank God” and “Cavern” and is looking forward to seeing them live.

“I’m looking forward to having a good time with my friends to some good music,” Ospino said.

As an electronic music fan, Ospino said the genre allows for him to take a small break from reality to just let loose with the music.

“I really enjoy the creativity and sound design of electronic music,” Ospino said. “I like a mix of live and electronic though so I listen to people like Odesza, GRiZ, FKJ more than house music. They all really promote love, which in today’s world is refreshing.”

According to the event’s Facebook page, hard copy tickets are already half sold out, but Collins said this news didn’t surprise him due to ATLiens being pretty well-known.

“The event also falls on a good date around finals where a lot of students are looking to blow off some steam and let loose for a night,” Collins said.

The large fan turnout is a perfect indication of Gainesville’s growing electronic music scene, which Collins said has grown in the last few years. Fans can expect a large crowd, great music and to be blown away by some insane added production from Guerrilla Productions, Collins said.

“We are expecting a large turnout for this event,” Collins said. “Since ATLiens are from Atlanta and have worked with high-tier artists such as Bassnectar, we have a lot of excited fans looking forward to the show.”

Lucid Nightlife is also hosting a charity event by giving reduced admission to anyone who brings non-perishable goods to the concert which will be donated to the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank to help those in need.

The 18-and-up concert at Simons will be Friday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tickets are available at and at the door.