Mind-bending producer Digital Ethos hits Gainesville this Sunday at Simon’s. The show will run from 9 p.m. - 2 a.m., with tickets available via Eventbrite for $12.61 to $17.89.

Never one to shy away from gritty basslines and alien synth melodies, the artist sounds like a blend of Bassnectar, G Jones, Bleep Bloop and something wonky and wonderfully unique from the three. He’s a precise embodiment of underground, downright odd bass music that is confusing to some but loved by a niche community. And while he’s certainly not for the faint of heart — he’s guaranteed to blow the doors off Simon’s on Sunday.

In addition to the sound, Digital Ethos’ name is on the rise.

After dropping a menacing collaboration titled “Slather” with Bassnectar in December 2017, the artist and his unorthodox tracks are gaining speed. And although this collaboration rose to be one of Bassnectar’s most-loved releases of 2017, Digital Ethos’ discography literally goes much deeper than “Slather.” Here are some of the producer’s must-hear tracks.


Through teaming up with a household electronic name, Digital Ethos and Bassnectar strike gold with this in-your-face collaboration. If there’s one song you should hear going into the night, it really is this one.


With furious-paced percussion and clean drops, this could be one of Digital Ethos’ best.

The Jungle

This abstract release sounds more robotic than jungle-like, and the subtle hip-hop beat gives you something to hold on to.


“Cortex” slows things down with both wobbling and constantly cascading synths, making for a moody but subtle mood.


As one of Digital Ethos’ earlier releases, “Wormhole” sounds just as odd and alien as you’d expect it to.