You’ve seen him in his basketball shorts and jersey running down the court, and you’ve seen her cheering on the sidelines in her glittery uniform, but you’ve never seen them like this.

UF basketball player Chandler Parsons and Dazzler Christie Garcia showed us what they wear off the court during a photo shoot Monday.

Garcia arrived first, carrying a Gator orange duffel bag full of clothes, shoes and accessories from her stylish closet. Parsons showed up five minutes later in blue jeans, a gray sweatshirt and black Converse sneakers, all of which were used in the shoot. His girlfriend accompanied him, and he reached for his double chocolate chip Frappuccino before we started shooting.

Garcia and Parsons were dressed in shirts, accessories, dresses and jeans provided by Wolfgang and Calzatura in addition to the clothes they brought from their own wardrobes.

Garcia’s tiny frame made everything look fabulous, but Parsons couldn’t fit into everything provided for him, seeing as he is 6 feet 9 inches tall. But his personal style shone through as he made a statement in his own Ed Hardy jeans.

“I am pretty fashionable, but pretty laid back,” he said. “To class I usually just wear basketball stuff, but when I go out I will wear a button-up, polo or V-neck.”

Garcia said her style is “punk rocky, but [she] still like[s] to look girly. Not too scene-ish.”

After styling three looks each, the shooting began. Parsons was quite natural in front of the camera and was comforted by his girlfriend’s presence (she’s only 5 feet 2 inches tall — we don’t know how it works either). Garcia’s smile shone through the lens, and she showed off her Dazzler moves and dancing muscles with some jumping shots.

During the shoot, we also got to know their shopping secrets.

“I love Express, Banana Republic and American Apparel,” Parsons said. “I usually shop in Orlando.”

Garcia, who is turned off by the lack of stylish stores at the Oaks Mall, said she does her shopping at “Bebe, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Arden B.” She also loves Intermix because it carries many brands, and she said she gets her shoes from Koko & Palenki (a boutique in Miami).

Garcia and Parsons differed in sense of style and shopping locations, but both commented on their love of shoes and watches.

“I like casual shoes,” Parsons said. “My favorites are Creative Recreation.”

And Garcia accessorizes her outfits with fun boots and high heels adorned with studs.

The shoot had to wrap up pretty early so both student-athletes could make it to class and practice on time, but as they walked away, it was clear that Garcia and Parsons can manage school, sports and especially style. Be sure to cheer on Parsons and the Gators as they take on Alabama tonight at 7 on ESPNU. 

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Um. "Express, Banana Republic and American Apparel" all exist in Gainesville. And, news flash: there are tons of great stores not in the Oaks Mall.

Why is this such a consistent attitude? It's disappointing coming from models wearing locally sourced clothes.


1. They wore 90% of there own cloth.
2. GAINESVILLE shopping sucks.
3. They look good, I doubt either of them goes to the Oaks Mall. (who does anyways?)


BUT he said he shops at stores that are present in the Oaks Mall. How is an Orlando Abercrombie better than a Gainesville Abercrombie? Ed Hardy? That's not fashionable, that's cliche. And why, pray tell, would they be bashing Gainesville when they are both wearing clothes from Gainesville AND are supported by the town and school? Also, there is more to Gainesville than the mall! This is like saying there is no place to eat in GNV, who want's chick fil-a and Olive Garden? Blech, I go to Orlando to eat (at the Applebees)!

Marc Jacobs also isn't the answer, not everyone can afford a $600 pair of heels, so the argument that couture isn't found in GNV is null. I mean I personally only shop in Paris so I could understand this argument.

On a more serious note, those pictures are *so* good, that photographer should shoot for Campus Talk or something. He's practically the next Avedon.

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