Listen up, Gainesville: You're about to receive the low-down on local restaurants. Yes, that's right, there are actual restaurants in Gainesville.

Who would've known?

So ditch Burrito Brothers, and enjoy the best of what Gainesville has to offer in cultural cuisine.

1. Italian: Amelia's Authentic and fresh, Amelia's is located at 235 S. Main St., right behind the Gainesville landmark, the Hippodrome State Theatre.

Not the most budget-friendly place, a dinner plate here will cost you about $20.

Great for special occasions and perfect for parents, Amelia's offers an online reservation option, making reserving a table easier than ever. To reserve a table, view the expansive menu or get more information, visit its website.

2. Date Night: Sabore Romance is alive and thriving, and, as always, it is quite far off the beaten path.

About a 20-minute drive from campus, Saboré is well worth the trip out of your comfort zone.

Located at 13005 SW First Road in Newberry, Saboré is true, fine dining.

According to its website, Saboré features "world-fusion" cuisine.

You are definitely going to want to make a reservation at this place. If not, expect a wait, and not a short one.

Saboré serves up dinner, lunch and brunch. A word of caution: Dinner here can get expensive very quickly.

The boldly decorated dining room and modern exposed bar round out the dining experience. For more information, visit its website.

3. Best Foreign Food: Mi Apa Latin CafeBias may be in effect in this selection, since Mi Apa is the only Cuban restaurant that I know of in Gainesville.

I, a Cuban-American, can attest to the authenticity of this gem.

So close to campus, the restaurant is located at 114 SW 34th St.

Mi Apa is the best convenient Cuban food that you would never expect to find here.

Mi Apa features online delivery and a drive-up ordering window to make satisfying your arepa or croqueta cravings even easier.

For more information or to place an order, visit its website.

4. Hipster Hang: the Top Flannel-wearing, beanie-loving indie music fans find refuge at this known hipster hotspot. If you can manage to bypass that, you're in for a treat.

After all, hipsters know their quality food spots.

The Top, 30 N. Main St., features mainly modern American food with a fair share of vegetarian options for those animal-loving hipsters.

For example, tofu is a staple item on the menu.

Check out the photo booth, an eclectic collection of books for no apparent reason, dim lighting and decent music.

It is no wonder this place is Gainesville's hipster mecca.