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Monday, May 20, 2024

Everything you need to know ahead of ‘Halloween Kills’

Breaking down the entire 'Halloween' franchise ahead of the latest release

<p>&quot;Halloween Kills&quot; was released Oct. 15 as the next installment of the new &quot;Halloween&quot; trilogy. The series is a direct continuation of John Carpenter&#x27;s original.</p>

"Halloween Kills" was released Oct. 15 as the next installment of the new "Halloween" trilogy. The series is a direct continuation of John Carpenter's original.

Michael Myers, the only man that knows how to cheat death, is back, again. 

The latest chapter in the “Halloween” saga, “Halloween Kills,” was released Oct. 15. 

“Halloween Kills” is a direct sequel to “Halloween” (2018), and it will follow protagonist Laurie Strode’s journey of escaping Michael “The Shape” Myers, who infamously killed all of her friends and tried to kill her in the original “Halloween” film of 1978. 

“Halloween Kills” is the second film in the new trilogy, which is a direct continuation of John Carpenter’s original.  

The franchise spans 11 movies, and the new series wouldn’t be possible without the success of all of them.  

While there are some great movies in the franchise, there are even more flops. 

Ranking from Worst to Best 

10. Halloween Resurrection 

9. Halloween II (Rob Zombie)

8. Halloween (Rob Zombie) 

7. Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers 

6. Halloween II

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5. Halloween 5

4. Halloween H2O: Twenty years later 

3. Halloween (2018)

2.  Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

1. Halloween (1978)

This list does not include “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” because it is an anthology film that Myers is not in. 

Halloween (1978) 10/10

This movie started it all, and no other movie in the franchise has been able to live up to it quite as much. Written and directed by John Carpenter, the original “Halloween” is by far the best in the entire franchise. 

The film was Jamie Lee Curtis’ (Strode) first ever acting role, and it cemented her title as a scream queen. 

Young 17-year-old Strode is babysitting two kids on Halloween night, when she is targeted by a serial killer who is also her brother, Michael Myers. 

Myers escaped from an insane asylum and his psychiatrist, Samuel Loomis, is on the search for him throughout the film. He is the best supporting character in the series, and what makes him so iconic is the emotion he’s able to bring on screen. The viewer can tell how much he really cared for Myers. 

The simple storyline of a creepy man following a babysitter is realistic and is what makes this film so eerie —that, and the sinister sounding score. 

Halloween II 6/10

This movie takes place seconds after the first one ends. It’s also written and directed by John Carpenter, so that’s why it still has the same charm as the first one. 

However, most of the movie occurs in the hospital where Strode is sent to after Myers fell off the balcony. 

The hospital atmosphere isn’t as entertaining to watch as the original, the fourth film, or “H2O,” so that’s why it’s lower on my list. 

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers 9/10

In the flop that was  “Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” fans were disappointed that Myers was nowhere to be seen.

The studio said the name “Michael Myers” would have to be in the next film’s title to not confuse the audience.  

This film features Strode's six-year-old daughter Jamie as the main protagonist. She is the main target of Myers. Loomis is also the main recurring character in this movie. 

What makes this film the best sequel in the franchise is not only the fact that it feels the most aesthetically pleasing to the actual holiday but also the acting of Donald Pleasance (Loomis). He shows how his life’s work of taking care of Myers has turned into an obsession. 

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 7/10

This film will tug at your heartstrings. 

Immediately taking place after “Halloween 4”, the movie follows Jamie, as she had now become mute due to her screaming so much when Myers was trying to kill her. 

Loomis is also made the laughing stock of the community and is portrayed as crazy. 

The audience is meant to feel many genuine emotions for these characters, which is why it’s more enjoyable to watch, and rated higher than “Halloween II” and “Halloween 6.” 

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers 5/10

From the start, this movie is too intense. It begins with Jamie giving birth, and, shortly after, Myers kills her. 

The whole film is extremely satanic, with the plot revolving around cults and sacrifices. It also explores the origin story explaining that the “Cult of Thorn” is why Myers is invincible–— basically saying how Myers was possessed by “Thorn,” a satanic demon who gives its host superhuman abilities. 

The most enjoyable part is watching Paul Rudd star in one of his first movies. 

Halloween H2O: Twenty Years Later 7/10

The twenty years later storyline follows Strode’s life after the first two movies.

This film has the worst Myers’ mask in all of the series because you can see his eyes. 

With that being said, I still find myself rewatching this film the most in the franchise because of how much I feel for Strode as a character and human being. 

Strode left her hometown of Haddonfield for good and moved to northern California. There she is the dean of a private school where her son, played by a young Josh Hartnett, attends. 

While I do prefer the strength Strode shows in “Halloween 2018” to confront her past, I have always found the story of Strode wanting to escape and create a new life for herself more realistic. 

Strode is left with night terrors and PTSD from the incidents that happened 20 years ago. However, when she finds out her son is in danger of being attacked by Myers, she puts aside her own fears and goes after Myers. 

Halloween Resurrection 0/10

This disaster and embarrassment of a movie is not even worth talking about. 

Jamie Lee Curtis has gone on the record several times saying how much she dislikes this film. Curtis didn’t even want to be in it, but she was contractually obligated. 

Not only Curtis, but most fans of the franchise will roll their eyes if you mention this film. 

To kill off the main protagonist and beloved “final girl” in the first 10 minutes when she has put up a fight and survived every other movie she’s been in is just incompetent. 

Halloween (Rob Zombie) 2/10

This remake adaptation of the series was directed by Rob Zombie, who also directed the horror cult classic “House of 1,000 Corpses.” 

Unlike “House of 1,000 Corpses,” Zombie’s remake is not as beloved by fans. 

The adaptation focuses more on the backstory of Myers and showcases his unconventional childhood. 

The film is overly vulgar just for the sake of shock value. Zombie includes his real-life wife in the movie as Myer’s mom, who is a stripper. It appears that she’s only in the movie so Zombie can show off his attractive wife. 

Loomis’ character in this version was ruined. He is more concerned about being Myers' friend than a professional authority figure. 

However, the biggest reason Zombie’s remakes flopped was a backstory explaining why Myers is the psychotic killer we all know— explaining why a killer chooses to kill instead of leaving the reasoning ambiguous takes away the fear. 

Halloween II (Rob Zombie) 1/10

The sequel no one asked for. That is all. 

Halloween (2018) 8/10

This iteration is all about trauma. 

Blumhouse productions announced the latest trilogy after the success of this initial movie.

Unlike “Halloween H2O,” where Strode runs away from her past, she chooses to confront it. 

The audience takes a deep dive into how their favorite final girl has dealt with the trauma of Myers killing all of her friends 40 years ago and also trying to kill her. 

With none of the other films (aside from the original) acknowledged in the new trilogy, the audience can look at the story with a different lens. 

Laurie Strode is the centerpiece of the “Halloween'' franchise, so with two more movies confirmed by Blumhouse — “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends" — it’s hard to imagine anything would happen to the iconic scream least, in this next movie.

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