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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Florida vs No. 11 Missouri: Live Updates

Follow along here for live updates from the Gators road matchup with the Tigers

Freshman wide receiver Eugene Wilson warms up before the Gators' 52-35 loss to the Louisiana State Tigers on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023, in Baton Rouge, Louisana.
Freshman wide receiver Eugene Wilson warms up before the Gators' 52-35 loss to the Louisiana State Tigers on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023, in Baton Rouge, Louisana.

The Florida Gators travel to Columbia, Missouri, to take on the No. 11 Missouri Tigers. Follow along here below for live updates.

FINAL SCORE: No. 11 Mizzou: 33, Florida: 31

Florida falls in a heartbreaker to Mizzou to fall to 5-6 on the season and finished 3-5 in SEC play. The Gators finished with a losing conference record for the third straight season. UF will take on the No. 4 Florida State Seminoles in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to close out its regular season.

SCORING PLAY: Harrison Mevis' 30-yard field goal is good, and Mizzou goes up 33-31 with 0:05 left on the clock.

0:08 | 4Q: Cook finds Mekhi Miller for a gain of 11 yards to the UF 29-yard line. Cook completes another pass to get to the UF 18-yard line. Harrison Mevis comes onto the field to attempt the game-winning field goal as UF takes its final timeout.

0:30 | 4Q: Cook throws it up to Luther Burdern, who comes down with it for a first down and a gain of 27 yards to the UF 40-yard line.

0:38 | 4Q: Jason Marshall Jr. covers the Mizzou receiver on third down to force an incompletion, and Mizzou is down to 4th-and-17. Tigers need to convert here to give them a chance. Mizzou takes its final timeout.

0:50 | 4Q: Schrader catches a screen pass for a loss of two yards. Its 2nd-and-17. Jalen Kimber makes a nice play on defense to force a 3rd-and-17 with 0:45 left in the game.

1:00 | 4Q: False start against Mizzou to make it 1st-and-15 after the Tigers converted a third down. The ball is at the Tigers 35-yard line.

SCORING PLAY: 1:36 | 4Q: The Gators retake the lead late 31-30 after Trey Smack hits a 35-yard field goal. Florida scored on aneight-play, 45-yard drive.

1:41 | 4Q: Florida will kick a field goal on fourth down.

1:47 | 4Q: Etienne is tackled for a loss of one yard. UF faces a 3rd-and-12 as Mizzou takes its second timeout of the game. The ball is at the 19-yard line.

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2:31 | 4Q: Max Brown keeps it on a read option and runs it for 27 yards to get to the Mizzou 17-yard line on third down.

4:30 | 4Q: Trevor Etienne powers it up the middle for a first down to midfield.

5:28 | 4Q: Edge rusher Princely Umanmielen closed the angle and sacked Brady Cook to force a fourth down and a Mizzou punt. Florida has a chance to take the lead with a field goal or touchdown.

7:00 | 4Q: Mizzou converts a first down after facing a 3rd-and-5.

SCORING PLAY: 7:49 | 4Q: The Gators trail but just two points, 30-28, after Etienne is all by himself for a nine-yard touchdown run. Florida responds to Mizzou's score with a 10-play, 75-yard drive.

8:39 | 4Q: The Gators make it first-and-goal after Etienne explodes through the middle for a big gain. Max Brown found Kahleil Jackson on back-to-back passes to help Florida get down the field.

Injury Update: Quarterback Graham Mertz is ruled out for the rest of the game. 

SCORING PLAY: 13:14 | 4Q: Mizzou receiver Theo Wease Jr. catches a screen pass and races down the sideline for a 77-yard touchdown. Mizzou leads 30-21 against Florida. The Tigers score in just two plays after the Florida fumble.

14:01 | 4Q: Max Brown fumbles the ball in an attempted handoff to Montrell Johnson, and the Tigers recover it.

14:51 | 4Q: Florida starts the fourth quarter with a false start. UF faces a 2nd-and-12. Max Brown takes off on the next play and a Mizzou defender is called for a late hit on Brown. The call is getting reviewed for targeting. There is no foul for targeting but the Gators have it inside the 20-yard line.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Mizzou: 23, Florida: 21

Third Quarter Note: The Gators will have the ball at the Mizzou 21-yard line, facing a 2nd-and-7 to start the final quarter. The Gators have rushed for 179 yards in the game.

1:17 | 3Q: Montrell Johnson bursts through the middle for a gain of 26 yards to the Mizzou 24-yard line.

Injury Update: Graham Mertz is down on the field as the coaching staff is checking on him. He was seen holding his shoulder.

3:00 | 3Q: Graham Mertz boulders his way through a defender for a first down on 3rd-and-5. Mertz showing some extra effort there to move the chains.

SCORING PLAY: 3:53 | 3Q: Mizzou settles for a 34-yard field goal after Burden's touchdown catch was overturned. The Tigers retake the lead against UF, 23-21. 

4:30 | 3Q: Cook is tackled short of the end zone after a gain of four yards. The field goal unit is on the field.

UPDATE: Brady Cook escapes the pocket and fires a pass that gets tipped by a UF defender right into the hands of Luther Burden for an 18-yard touchdown. The play is currently under review to see if Burden had control. The call is ruled an incomplete pass after a review shows the ball hit the ground. Mizzou is faced with a 3rd-and-goal.

4:51 | 3Q: The Tigers get flagged for an ineligible receiver downfield on 2nd-and-goal and their touchdown pass gets called back. 

5:25 | 3Q: Mizzou gets pushed back to the 17-yard line after a holding call. Schrader powers it up for four yards on the ensuing play. 

6:02 | 3Q: Luther Burden catches it in space and bowls over a defender, and gets free for a gain of 48 yards. A flag goes against UF for roughing the passer and another 15 yards gets tacked onto the play. Its first-and-goal for Mizzou.

6:30 | 3Q: Brady Cook sails his pass over the heads of everyone and Mizzou is faced with a 3rd-and-9.

SCORING PLAY: 7:16 | 3Q: Florida fires right back and leads 21-20. Ricky Pearsall takes off on an end around play for a 39-yard rushing touchdown. Pearsall now has 100 total yards in the game. UF scored on a three-play, 82-yard drive.

8:00 | 3Q: Mertz finds an open Hayden Hansen for a 38-yard gain into Mizzou territory. 

SCORING PLAY: Mizzou retakes the lead 20-14 after Brady Cook keeps it himself for a one-yard rushing touchdown. The Tigers go 75 yards on eight plays in their response to Florida's score. The play is currently under review to see if Cook broke the goal line. Ruling on the field is confirmed, touchdown Mizzou.

9:30 | 3Q: The Gators stuff Schrader at the goal line to force a 3rd-and-goal.

11:06 | 3Q: Cook finds Luther Burden. He shakes off Jordan Castell and gets down the sideline for a gain of 38 yards to get to the Uf 25-yard line.

SCORING PLAY: 11:54 | 3Q: Mertz moves around to the sideline and finds a streaking Etienne, who explodes down the sideline for a 37-yard touchdown. UF leads 14-13 early in the second half after a 4-play, 75-yard drive. Etienne now has four touchdowns in his last two games. He accounted for 67 yards on that drive.

12:52 | 3Q: Etienne rips off another solid run, but it gets called back after a holding call.

Injury Update: Damieon George Jr. is down on the field and getting tended to by coaching staff. 

14:04 | 3Q: Etienne breaks off a 30-yard run after he broke through in the middle of the field to get into Mizzou territory. Mertz finds a wide-open Tre Wilson two plays later for another first down.

14:54 | 3Q: The second half gets underway with an eight-yard run from Trevor Etienne. An offside penalty is called to make it 1st-and-5.

HALFTIME: Mizzou: 13, Florida: 7

Halftime Stats: Mizzou running back Cody Schrader is shredding UF's offense. He has 123 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown. Florida quarterback Graham Mertz is 11-for-17 for 95 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

0:14 | 2Q: Mertz is called for intentional grounding, and UF now faces a 3rd-and-22. at the UF 40-yard line. UF gaines 15 yards after a pass to Johnson as the clock hits zeros.

0:26 | 2Q: Montrell Johnson with back-to-back first downs for Florida as the team has it at midfield trying to score before the break.

SCORING PLAY: 1:21 | 2Q: Mevis hits a 38-yard field goal to make it 13-7 Mizzou. The Tigers only score three after the Florida turnover.

UPDATE: The previous play was ruled as a fourth down after the call was confirmed that Cook's knee hit the ground as he regained possesion of the ball. Mizzou field goal unit is on the field.

1:52 | 2Q: Cook has trouble with the snap but his handoff to Schrader goes for a first down inside the 10. The play is currently under review to see if Cook's knee was down as he picked the ball back up after he bobbled the snap.

1:56 | 2Q: The Gators take their second timeout of the half. Mizzou faces a 3rd-and-1 at the Gators 17-yard line. 

3:30 | 2Q: Cook flips it to Schrader in an option play for a huge gain of 34 yards to UF 26-yard line. Mizzou faces a 2nd-and-8 after a two yard gain on the ensuing play.

4:03 | 2Q: Mertz overthrows tight end Arlis Boardingham. Mizzou defensive back Jaylon Carlies picks off the ball, and Mizzou takes over near midfield.

4:47 | 2Q: Mizzou is called for a holding penalty, gifting Florida a first down after UF faced a third-and-long. 

6:12 | 2Q: UF picks up a first down after Pearsall draws a pass interference call. Mertz was slow to get up after taking a hit on the play. He is able to play the next snap and stay on the field.

6:21 | 2Q: The Gators tackle Luther Burden and Mizzou two yards shy of the first down on a screen pass on 3rd-and-13. Florida brought down Schrader for a loss on first down and then forced Cook to throw it away on second down en route to the Missouri punt.

10:25 | 2Q: Mertz dumps it off to running back Trevor Etienne for a screen pass that goes for no gain. The Gators punt it away again to the Mizzou 10-yard line.

11:37 | 2Q: Tre Wilson gets the ball on an end around and gets just enough yards for the first down. Montrell Johnson Jr. runs it for two yards on the next play to make it 2nd-and-8.

11:43 | 2Q: The Gators face a 3rd-and-1 at midfield after they've picked up a couple of first downs. Mertz tries to QB sneak it, but Florida flagged for another false start — it's third of the game — to make it 3rd-and-6. Florida takes its first timeout of the game.

SCORING PLAY: 14:29 | 2Q: Running back Cody Schrader finds a hole and bursts through it for a 41-yard rushing touchdown. The Tigers are back in front 10-7. Mizzou scored in just three plays and covered 51 yards.

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Florida leads Mizzou 7-3 after the first quarter of play. The Tigers have the ball at midfield facing a 2nd-and-8 to begin the second quarter. 

0:40 | 1Q: Florida goes three-and-out again and punts it to midfield. The Gators had another false start penalty to begin the drive making it three procedural penalties in the first quarter. 

1:58 | 1Q: The Gators force a punt after Cook faces pressure and throws the ball away. 

2:05 | 1Q: The Tigers face a 3rd-and-9 after Cook's pass flies over the head of a Mizzou receiver.

2:40 | 1Q: Mizzou and Cody Schrader continue to push the ball on the ground and pick up a first down near midfield.

4:19 | 1Q: The Gators will put it away after Mertz escapes the pocket and scrambles for seven yards. Florida goes three-and-out in its second drive of the game.

5:17 | 1Q: Florida gets flagged for a false start and face a 3rd-and-13 deep in its own territory. A delay of game penalty pushes it back to 3rd-and-18.

6:22 | 1Q: The Gators get a stop early defensively after Brady Cook's pass falls incomplete. UF defensive backs Jaydon Hill and Miguell Mitchell provided good defense.

SCORING PLAY: 7:49 | 1Q: Mertz finds the freshman Eugene Wilson III on an eight-yard touchdown pass. Florida leads 7-3 early after a 5-play, 80-yard drive. Mertz was 4-4 for 76 yards on UF's opening drive.

9:45 | 1Q: Graham Mertz finds a wide-open Ricky Pearsall, who exploded down the sideline for 61 yards. The Gators get inside the red zone in just two plays.

SCORING PLAY: 10:33 | 1Q: The Gators hold Mizzou to a field goal on the opening drive. The Tigers lead 3-0 after Harrison Mevis nails a 22-yard field goal to cap off a 12-play, 70-yard drive.

11:00 | 1Q: The Tigers drive down the field, getting whatever they want in the ground game. They face a third-and-goal.

Kickoff: The Tigers received the opening kickoff to start the game.

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