"The Great Gatsby," directed by Baz Luhrmann, hit the big screen on May 10 bringing the Roaring '20s to the fast-paced 2010s. 

Although the movie inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, "The Great Gatsby," may not win any awards for best picture, the costume designers definitely have to see their hard work rewarded at the Oscars.   

Catherine Martin, costume designer for the film, teamed up with Brooks Brothers and Miuccia Prada and created the pinstriped, sequined, flapper world of Gatsby. 

Brooks Brothers released a Gatsby themed line for men on April 15 according to an article by the New York Daily News. Now men, with the ability to spend $700 on a jacket, can walk around town looking as if they stepped right out of Fitzgerald’s pages and Luhrmann’s imagination.

However, there lacks a line for women to play "The Great Gatsby" dress up. 

On Prada’s website you can view the sketches used to create the costumes you see in the movie, but there is no actual line for women.

I, nevertheless, think we should not have to sit on the sideline much longer.

Ladies, here are a few ways to put together your own Gatsby looks inspired by the three principal female characters. 

Daisy Buchanan(short, petite girls):

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  1. The pink dress Carrie Mulligan, who plays Daisy, wears in her solo movie poster gives off a feeling of innocence but a hint of a secret.  This lighter pink Modcloth find is a tad shorter than the '20s would have allowed, brining Daisy into the 21st century.  With this dress, I would suggest a red lipstick to contrast the youth in the dress.
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2. The second movie poster with Mulligan’s co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Gatsby, is a demure and sophisticated take on the time. This bohemian style ModCloth tank dress nods to the original with the crocheted center and tulle skirt.  The Forever 21 headbands gives the look a tad more bling.
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3. Mulligan’s champagne colored chandelier dress worn at one of Gatsby’s lavish parties is one of the hardest to replicate. The silver in the Dillard’s dress is similar to the light the crystals pick up in the original Prada piece.  For the headband, I would suggest finding your own feather, like this one from Etsy and this other piece from Jo-Ann Fabric and attaching it to a headband to save you money.

Jordan Baker(tall girls):

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  1. Jordan Baker, played by Elizabeth Debicki, wears a rather simple dress to the Gatsby party.  When pairing this long maxi by Old Navy with a silver statement necklace, you get the same look.  The first necklace makes the look current with a more edgy feel, but if you want to stick with vintage, the second necklace is a classier, more elegant choice.

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2. Debicki’s dress in her movie poster is a classic sequined flatter dress with lots of shine. When pairing the Nordstrom dress with the long bulky chain and bracelet, it is easy to mimic her style.

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3. Jordan is one of the few female characters to wear trousers.  These wide leg tan pants by make the legs look longer and the waist slimmer.  The gold lined shirt by Mango is similar to the original but is a bit more loose fitting and modern. However when paired with the strand of pearls, you’re right back in the 20s.

Myrtle Wilson:

Myrtle Wilson, played by Isla Fisher dons a striking red dress in her movie poster.  The beauty of this dress is that it is easy to replicate in multiple ways.

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1. The rose dress from JCPenney is an obvious nod to the hug flower on Fisher’s shoulder.  This dress makes a bold statement and is to be worn when you just want to blend in. (As if Myrtle would ever want to do that)

2. The second JCPenney find is a more modern take on the flutter sleeves.

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3. The last dress, by Modcloth, spins flapper into hippy with this more casual dress.  The sleeves still ruffle like the originals but come done a bit longer and the dress buttons up the middle.

4. You can imagine it’s rather difficult to find the original colors and the pattern Fisher wore during the film. However, this '50s-style dress, when unbuttoned and paired with a cream bustier and head wrap, the similarity to the original look comes out.