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Alachua County Sheriff's Office arrested a man accused of possessing 212 grams of marijuana Tuesday morning.

Rodney Bartholomew, 26, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Tuesday morning, an ACSO officer saw a white Dodge Charger parked on the side of Southwest 19th Place. The car was running and looked unoccupied, according to the report.


The officer then saw a shirtless black man, Bartholomew, who looked passed out behind the wheel with the seat reclined all the way back.

When the officer went up to the vehicle, he smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car, according to the report. After waking him up, the officer told Bartholomew to exit the car and then detained him.

A small baggie containing one gram of marijuana was in Bartholomew’s pocket when the officer searched him, according to the report. Two more baggies of marijuana, weighing two grams in total, were found in one of Bartholomew’s pants pockets.

A search of the trunk found one drawstring bag containing 207 individually packaged small plastic baggies of marijuana, weighing 207 grams in total, and about 201 unused smaller plastic baggies, according to the report.

A large digital scale was found next to the bag and a small SentrySafe lock box was found underneath it. A yellow can with a false bottom made to look like a can of engine degreaser was also found in the trunk. It contained two more small plastic baggies of marijuana totaling two grams.

Bartholomew had a total of 212 grams of marijuana in his possession, according to the report.

Bartholomew admitted to smoking marijuana and said the lock box was his, according to the report. After being read the Miranda Rights, he gave the officer the access code to the lock box and $376 was found inside. According to the report, there was also several pieces of marijuana residue and “shake” inside the box.

Bartholomew admitted to knowing the drawstring bag of packaged marijuana was in the trunk but denied it belonged to him. He also denied he was selling marijuana, according to the report.

Bartholomew bonded out of Alachua County Jail on Tuesday night through a bondsman. His original bail was $17,000.

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