Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer

UF is asking Alachua County to give back the money the university sent for Richard Spencer’s speaking costs after it was charged on Jan. 10.

In an emailed statement on Monday, UF spokesperson Steve Orlando wrote that the $302,184 check sent to the county on Friday was sent due to an “internal miscommunication.”

Orlando said because Spencer’s visit in October was not university-sponsored, UF is reviewing all responsibilities before making payments. He said the review had not been completed when the money was transferred over.

Mark Sexton, an Alachua County spokesperson, said the county commission will discuss the university’s request.

“The county sent a bill for services that were requested, for services that were provided, and you know, when the payment was made we thought that was just a normal part of the process,” Sexton said. “Now that this new information has been brought to light, I'm sure the county commissioners will discuss it.”

The county charged UF for law enforcement, fire rescue and other services, according to Alligator archives.

Staff Writer Jessica Giles contributed to this report. 

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