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Campaign finance reports indicate Impact Party spent about nine times more and Inspire Party spent about seven times more than their competitor, Challenge Party, in the recent Student Government election.

Impact raised $10,325 in donations, including $1,300 from President-elect Ian Green, $1,100 from Vice President-elect David Enriquez and $1,200 from Treasurer-elect Stefan Sanguyo. The party spent a total $9,963.91.

Jackie Phillips, the co-campaign manager of Impact, wrote in an email the party requires its executive candidates to donate.

“While money doesn’t win a campaign, it is necessary to run a large campaign,” she said. “Ian, David and Stefan worked to raise money from family and friends who supported and believed in them to donate to the campaign. Money doesn’t represent dedication but just like they put their all into every other aspect of the campaign, they chose to help finance it as well.”

Impact spent $576.20 more in this campaign than in Spring 2017 but also raised $3,769.11 more in donations this year, according to Alligator archives.

Inspire raised $7,250.80 in donations, with $3,590 coming from Matt Hoeck, who was one of the founders of Access Party in 2015.


“There weren’t any strings attached,” said Casey Witte, Inspire’s treasurer. “Rather, he just wanted to see another independent voice on campus.”

Of Inspire’s executive ticket, president candidate Revel Lubin donated $300, vice president candidate Bijal Desai donated $500 and treasurer candidate Alyssa Bethencourt donated $5. Witte said they don’t require candidates to donate to the campaign.

The party also spent $6,627.83 this campaign season, leaving them with $622.97 remaining.

Witte said the party intended to use the money to continue campaigning if there was a runoff election, but it will now use it for the Fall campaigning season.

If the party had more money, it could’ve been a factor in winning the election, Witte said.

“At the end of the day, as unfortunate as it is, money does fuel politics,” he said.

Impact and Inspire fed their volunteers Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and pizza. Inspire spent $197.34 for pizza and $133.62 on doughnuts, and Impact spent $212.98 on pizza and $85.46 on doughnuts.

The three parties also spend money to boost Facebook posts. Impact spent $11.16, Inspire spent $788.51 and Challenge spent $40.

Challenge raised only $1,390 in donations and spent $1,349.94 in the campaign. The party’s executive candidates Janae Moodie donated $440, Chase Werther donated $430 and Shayli Patel donated $80.

Challenge President Anthony Rojas said he knew the party had a disadvantage in manpower and money in its campaign. Like Inspire, Challenge didn’t require the executive candidates to donate.

“We hoped that money wasn’t going to be the difference,” he said. “We just wanted to do things that resonated with most students and we just had to generate our own buzz organically. The reality is that money does play as a factor, but I wish it did less.”

Donations from each executive candidate:

Impact Party

  • $1,300- Ian Green
  • $1,100- David Enriquez
  • $1,200- Stefan Sanguyo

Inspire Party

  • $300- Revel Lubin
  • $500- Bijal Desai
  • $5- Alyssa Bethencourt

Challenge Party

  • $440- Janae Moodie
  • $430- Chase Werther
  • $80- Shayli Patel

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