A new website is offering to help college students find their perfect jobs.

On Feb. 7, TransparentCareer launched a national website to help students compare types of jobs and salaries with alumni from their university. Students and alumni from more than 2,000 universities currently use the platform to create public profiles and filter through lists of companies and positions based on salaries and work hours, said Kevin

Marvinac, the chief operating officer and cofounder of the website.

“The goal is for someone to log on and say, ‘Hey, I’m a student at this school, I’m concentrating on this — what are my options? What can I get paid with this position at this company?’” Marvinac said.

The website will introduce a job-matching feature in March, which will let recruiters con- tact students directly through the site, Marvinac said.

“It’s like Match.com, but for your career,” Marvinac said. “We want to give students a good sense of where they stack up and smartly recommend other companies and opportunities based on their preferences and skills.”

Unlike the website LinkedIn, TransparentCareer is research-based, he said.

“We don’t imagine we are replacing LinkedIn,” Marvinac said. “We are not a networking site.”

The company currently employs outreach interns at 12 universities across the country, including UF.

Phillip Ahn, a 20-year-old UF philosophy junior, said he became an intern with the website in January after hearing about it from the UF Entrepreneurship Club.

Ahn said he thinks TransparentCareer will be an effective resource for UF students because it’s focused on exposing all aspects of a job.

“For millennials, job satisfaction is really important, so it’s great to have data from other people on how they like their position,” Ahn said.

Maggie Moskal, an 18-year-old UF psychology freshman, said she’s interested in making an account on the website because she wants to pave her own path as she searches for a job.

“I have a problem with finding reliable websites,” she said. “I think it would be good to have another resource where you can be an individual and take charge of your own career.”