Three South Florida men were arrested Tuesday evening after being found with eight credit cards and the personal information of 29 victims during a traffic stop, according to a Gainesville Police report.

GPD stopped a white Mercedes SUV with an illegal window tint for making an improper lane change at the State Road 95 Mile Marker 378 North around 6 p.m., the report said.

An officer approached the car and identified the driver as Wesley Dareus, 23, along with two passengers, Kevin Jean, 24, and Asia Williams, 22, from their drivers’ licenses, the report said. While talking with Dareus, the officer reported that he smelled marijuana.

The officer also saw two credit cards near Dareus’ feet, according to the report. After searching the vehicle, the officer found a gram of marijuana, rolling papers, a scale and two credit cards that didn’t belong to the defendants, the report said.

On the floorboard on the passenger side of the car, the officer found a black bag with several sheets of paper inside, the report said. The papers included 29 names with birthdates, addresses, social security numbers and banking information.

In the trunk, the officer found a black backpack containing about 11 grams of marijuana, six more credit cards and a loaded Miami Beach Police Department handgun that was reported stolen, the report said.

Dareus was charged with 29 counts of fraud, according to the report. Jean was charged with 31 counts of fraud, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and Williams was charged with 37 counts of fraud and possession of marijuana.

Dareus is on probation in Fort Lauderdale for fraud charges, the police report states. Williams is also currently on probation out of Miami Lakes.

Dareus and Jean are currently being held at Alachua County Jail with their bonds set at $120,000 and $115,200 respectively. Williams is being held at the jail with no bond.

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