Ian Milaski

Ian Milaski

The case of a former UF resident assistant accused of attempted sexual battery is still up in the air as of Thursday night.

Ian Milaski’s case management was discussed Nov. 14 at the Alachua County Criminal Justice Center for the first time. His lawyer, Bennett Hutson, appeared in his place and discussed a potential plea offer for the case. Milaski’s previous lawyer, Ron Kozlowski, was not present.

UFPD first arrested Milaski, a 21-year-old former UF resident assistant, Aug. 28 after a female student accused him of grabbing her repeatedly and attempting to rape her. He was initially charged with battery and false imprisonment and given a $125,000 bond. 

Judge Mark Moseley reduced his bond and let Milaski leave on his own recognizance after agreeing Milaski was a “high-achieving” student and the situation was a “miscommunication between friends fueled by alcohol,” according to court records.

Since Milaski’s initial release, campus police reported multiple cases of sexual violence and misconduct at UF, such as a female student who said she was raped before the homecoming game Oct. 5.

Judge William E. Davis replaced Moseley in the following weeks. 

The state attorney’s office filed new charges, such as burglary and attempted sexual battery, and arrested Milaski again Sep. 25. His lawyer, Kozlowski motioned a second time to reduce his $200,000 bond, writing the bond is excessive and his client isn’t a flight risk, according to court records. 

He further wrote Milaski is eager to clear his name because it’s “likely the only way to attend law school; no law school will ever accept a fugitive.”

Milaski’s case is set to be addressed again in January, as the witnesses called are students, his attorney said.