Free printing now available in Fifield Hall

A new printer from Student Government sits tucked behind desks at Fifield Hall. The printer will allow students to use the 250 prints they receive from UF Student Government each semester.


Students can now print for free on the second floor of Fifield Hall above the building’s main entrance, Student Body President Ian Green wrote in an email. Each print made from the printer will count toward the 250-page allotment each student is granted at SG print locations each semester.

SG footed the $520 bill to expand the network necessary for printing to the new location, Green said. The long-term cost of operating the printer is not yet known.

There is no attendant at the printer like there is at the printers in the basement of the Reitz Union, Green said. The IT staff in Fifield will restock paper and service the printer as needed.

“We saw there was a gap in the map that we could fill,” Green said. “Many students have class and labs in Fifield and the surrounding buildings so we wanted to make it easier for them to access their 250 free prints per semester.”

The new printer in Fifield Hall will save Alisa Smovzhenko, a 20-year-old UF botany junior, a trip to the Reitz Union because she takes many of her classes in Fifield Hall.

“I think it will be useful,” Smovzhenko said. “I haven’t heard of anybody using it yet, so it just needs a little more publicity.”

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