crime tape

Gainesville Police arrested a man accused of kidnapping and robbery on Saturday.

Charles Allen Green, 49, was charged with unarmed robbery and kidnapping to facilitate a felony.

The first two victims left the Publix on 1302 N. Main St. and went to their vehicle, according to the report. The vehicle reportedly had the windows down because the air conditioner didn’t work.

When the victims got in the car, they saw Green lying down in the back seat, according to the report. Green then allegedly sat up and demanded money.  He also allegedly threatened them by saying he could “do great bodily harm” and grabbed the driver’s ponytail and took her phone.


According to a GPD press release, the victims were fearful Green would hurt them and complied with his demands for money and to drive him to multiple locations.

The first location was X-Tra Beverage Discount Store at 119 NE 16th Ave., according to the report. Green took the keys with him when he exited the vehicle while the driver and passenger stayed in the car.

The driver remembers Green forcing her to drive through the area of Howard Bishop Middle School and Forest Green Apartments, according to the report. During this time, Green allegedly took $100 out of the driver’s purse.

The victims and Green then drove to Citgo at 3845 NE 15th St. The vehicle was allegedly seen parked in front of the Citgo on store video. When Green walked into the store the driver realized he did not take the keys, so the victims fled the area and returned to the driver’s home, according to the report.

At around 10:34 p.m., GPD got a call from a citizen saying that Green approached him in the parking lot of Oaks Mall, according to the press release.

Green allegedly told the citizen his wife was in labor and he needed help, according to GPD’s press release. The citizen agreed to helping the man and gave him a ride to different places.

During this, the citizen suspected that Green was buying drugs, according to the release. The citizen then dropped Green off at the 2000 block of Southwest 34th Street and called police.

After being dropped off, Green got a ride to the area of Taco Bell at 3408 SW Archer Road, according to the arrest report.

Officers identified Green and then arrested him, according to the media release. He admitted to being in all of the locations but said it was consensual.

After reading Green his Miranda rights, he said he has been addicted to cocaine for about two years and used it 3 to 4 times on Saturday while being driven around by multiple people, according to the arrest report.

Green said he was in the first two victims’ vehicle and admitted they drove him around so that he could buy cocaine; however, he denied forcing the victims to drive him anywhere.

According to an officer, Green smelled like alcohol. Green told the officer that he didn’t remember the entire day because of the alcohol and cocaine use, the report said.

Green was recently arrested by GPD on March 7 for exploiting a disabled person by getting into a vehicle with them and having them drive him around to buy drugs, according to the report. The victim reportedly had Asperger’s syndrome.

Green remained in the Alachua County Jail Sunday in lieu of a $55,000 bail.

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