crime tape

Gainesville Police arrested a local resident Monday evening for allegedly kicking and scratching officers when they arrested him for earlier domestic battery charges.

Kelly Johnson, 35, allegedly slapped a woman he was in a relationship with Sunday. The next day at around 7:30 p.m., GPD arrived at his home, located on Southwest 26th Way, to arrest him.


After telling Johnson the charges he was being arrested for, an officer placed him in handcuffs. All of the officers present were reportedly in full police uniform and driving marked patrol cars, according to the report.

While being searched, Johnson allegedly became angry and started thrashing and twisting his body to avoid being arrested, according to the report. The arresting officer attempted to control him but was unable to as Johnson tried to pull away a few times.

The arresting officer and two other officers tried to restrain Johnson between themselves and a patrol car. At that point, Johnson allegedly kicked two officers in their shins. The multiple kicks were violent and intentional, according to the report.

Johnson allegedly began to scratch and claw at both of them and grab at their duty belts. During the struggle, the arresting officer saw him grab at another officer’s right hand. He hit Johnson’s forearm several times to get him to release his grip, according to the report.

Both officers reportedly had abrasions on their forearms afterward.

Once the officers managed to get Johnson into the back of a patrol car, he allegedly continued struggling, kicking the door and spitting continuously. Because of his behavior, Johnson was physically restrained with his wrists and ankles tied, according to the report.

While heading to the jail, Johnson reportedly stated he was going to murder the officer driving, shoot him in the head and kill him once he was released from jail.

Johnson was charged with resisting arrest, battery and threatening a law enforcement officer, according to Alachua County Jail records. He was also charged with the initial domestic battery.

Johnson’s bond is set at $220,000.

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