David After Dentist

David DeVore, 18, who is best known for the viral Youtube video "David After Dentist," was admitted into UF's Innovation Academy on Friday. 

Anesthesia and personality made David DeVore an internet sensation in 2009.

“David After Dentist,” which featured a perplexed, dazed 7-year-old DeVore in a Florida Gators shirt received more than 138 million views — but also foreshadowed his future.

A decade later, the now 18-year-old DeVore’s attire came full circle when he was admitted into UF’s Innovation Academy on Friday.

“It was my number one school,” DeVore said. “UF is where I am meant to be.”

DeVore, who is from Lake Mary, Florida, and attends Holy Cross Lutheran Academy, was thrilled to find out he was accepted to his No. 1 school where his two aunts, uncle and grandfather attended.

Growing up as an internet meme didn’t affect DeVore’s day-to-day life besides occasional fan recognition. However, DeVore wrote about the video in his UF application essay, as he says it’s a big part of his life.

“I don’t want ‘David After Dentist’ to be all I’m ever known for,” DeVore said. “I just want to do more with my life, and UF gives me the tools to do so.”

Although he will not pursue a dental career, DeVore is ecstatic to come to UF in Spring 2020 to study computer science.

DeVore is ready to begin the next chapter of his life and was taken aback when UF posted about his admission on social media.

“I didn’t realize it was going to blow up like it did,” he said. “It was just really cool to see that people acknowledge [my admission].”

When UF business administration junior and “David After Dentist” fan Patrick Murray heard about DeVore’s acceptance, the moment felt surreal.

“I would literally quote the video with my friends so being able to say that I go to the same school as him now has left me speechless,” the 20-year-old said.

Murray, who has watched the video at least 15 times, advises DeVore to follow his passions, keep his morals in check and enjoy his college years.

“I hope his intensity for UF and the love that he has is just as strong as his hyperactivity all those years back,” Murray said.

Dana Cassidy is an 18-year-old UF journalism freshman and University News Editor at The Independent Florida Alligator. Outside of writing she loves fitness, dance, film analysis, bad reality TV and excessive amounts of coffee.