Gainesville's mayor is working to promote the president and keep Republicans in check.

Mayor Craig Lowe announced Tuesday he joined the Obama For America "Truth Team," a group formed to remind voters of the president's achievements during his term and hold presidential opponents accountable.

The group will spread President Obama's campaign message through speeches, campaigns and rallies. Groups will fact-check opponents' statements and post the results on several websites.

The team has set up and Both will work to correct Republican candidates if they make false claims about the president or his campaign.

AttackWatch was formed so viewers can "get the facts you need to fight back against false attacks on the president and his record," according to the website.

KeepingGOPHonest researches the Republican candidates and their stances on issues, including equal rights, the economy and health reform.

The group's third website,, was created to show initiatives Obama has passed while in office.

Lowe said he will tour North Florida to promote Obama's accomplishments. He said he could have the most impact on that area since it is his home.

Lowe said he joined the group because he believes in the president's message and believes he has been successful while in office.

"I will be pointing out the truth," Lowe said. "And the truth is that this president should be re-elected."