The Starbucks on 3822 Newberry Road and 39th Street will close May 22.

The Starbucks store located at 3822 Newberry Road and 39th Street is scheduled to close on May 22, according to an email from Kristin Hill, a Starbucks spokeswoman.

Hill would not say why the store is closing.

Yvette Little, 22, a UF health science graduate, said she doesn't know why the 39th Street store would close.

"It's always packed when I'm here," she said.

Little said she visits the store often to use the Internet and have a cup of coffee, always bringing her own creamer. Little is a massage therapist at A Better Massage on Northwest 43rd Street and said the Starbucks is the most convenient place for her to use the Internet while she's on call for work.

Matt Cohen, 25, and Jonathan Trinastic, 27, doctoral students at UF, like the store because it's not as busy as some of the others, which might be why it's closing, they said.

"I know [being slow] is bad for business," Cohen said. "But it's why I like coming to this Starbucks, that and the baristas."

Workers at the Newberry Road Starbucks near the Oaks Mall said the location of the 39th store is too difficult to see because the store is heavily surrounded by trees and other buildings.

Workers said most of the employees from the 39th Street store will work at the other Starbucks locations, and some have already started taking shifts there.