The Gainesville mayoral race gains a new candidate

Jennifer Reid, 31, of Gainesville, announced on Jan. 5 that she will run for mayor against incumbent Mayor Lauren Poe and Jenn Powell. Courtesy to The Alligator.

Superheros are important in Jennifer Reid’s house.

There’s a good chance that on a Friday night her family is eating homemade pizza watching a Marvel movie.

A big reason why Reid, 33, is running for mayor in March is to show her kids how to be strong – just like the Avengers.

“Because [their dad] is a police officer, and my kids are infatuated with superheroes, we really try to protect everybody, and that’s just really what I want my role to be as mayor,” Reid said.

Reid has no experience in local government. She is getting involved because she said she could only complain for so long before deciding to take action.

She is a part-time legal assistant, mother of two and a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, where she visits children who’ve been separated from their families and represents them in the court system.

In the program, she’s a protector for three children: a sister and two brothers. She meets with them at least once a month and tries to be someone who is constantly there for them.

As mayor, she wants to bring strong leadership and fiscal responsibility to the city by applying certain cuts to the budget, like catering for city events.

Reid received $2,840 in monetary donations since she announced running in January, according to the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections office.

Reid also said giving law enforcement a voice is a big priority for her personal connection to Gainesville Police.

When city commissioners decided not to go with the police union’s proposed plan for wages in September, she was disappointed by the city’s decision.

“They were just so dead-set on what they wanted to offer GPD, and it just wasn’t enough,” she said.

Brandon Morris, 32, agrees with Reid’s policies and goals for the city. He met her through the Alachua County Republicans and described her as being honest, selfless and for the people.

“I remember sitting down at her dinner table, and we were talking,” Morris said. “She talked about how she wants to make this community better and run Gainesville for what it was meant to be, and I thought ‘this is somebody who’s special.’”

Regardless of the outcome of the election, Reid plans to continue to fight for what she believes in.

“I’m just a hard working mom raising two little boys,” Reid said. “I just want the best for them, their future and for our community.”

Karina is the city commission reporter and a second-year journalism major with a passion for storytelling and graphic design.