Mr. Two Bits

George Edmondons’s family led UF fans in his famous “two-bits” cheer at Saturday night’s game. The UF Athletic Association organized the cheer as well as a mural and t-shirt sale honoring the late “Mr.Two Bits.”

The first UF home game of the season was about to begin, but before the football players could rush the field, the people in the stands of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium were already on their feet and yelling.

Two Bits! Four Bits! Six Bits! A Dollar! All for the Gators Stand up and holler!

On Saturday night, the three grandchildren of George “Mr. Two Bits” Edmonson,  Kevin King, Chris King and Robert Edmondson, as well as five of his great-grandchildren, led UF football fans through Edmondson’s signature cheer.

Edmondson passed away on July 2 after leading the Gators in his famous chant for over 60 years.

Will Pantages, assistant director of digital content at the UF Athletic Association, said that the group was responsible for the commemoration at Saturday night’s game.

“He (Edmondson) has become synonymous with Florida football. He came to games for over 50 years and unfortunately just recently passed away,” Pantages said. “He left behind an important legacy,” 

The Athletic Association has painted a mural in Edmonson’s honor outside of gate one.

The mural features an image of Edmonson holding up his “2-bits” sign as well as a brief description of Edmonson’s role at UF. It describes him as “one of the most legendary gator fans” with a “love and passion” for the gators. 

Before the game, Mr.Two Bits shirts were being sold outside of gate one for $10 or $5 for students by the Athletic Association. The UF Bookstore sold the shirts for $28 online.

The shirts were also mailed to season ticket-holders with their tickets, Pantages said.

The yellow t-shirts with a printed-on orange and blue striped tie mimicked the outfit Edmonson wore during his time in the Swamp and were worn by fans as well as the UF cheerleaders. UF football players donned helmet decals resembling Edmonson’s orange and blue striped tie.

Shafer Magee, a 19-year-old UF engineering freshman, was in attendance at this game and purchased a t-shirt. He said that he could feel the respect and pride that people felt for Edmondson.

“I think it’s important to honor his legacy and all he’s done for the UF community,” Magee said, “We need to repay him for all he’s done for the gators.”