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The Cade Museum for Creativity & Innovation opened to the public Saturday, May 19. The museum encourages learners of all ages to think like an inventor, meet an inventor, and be an inventor.  It is located at 811 South Main Street, next to Depot Park.

Museum goers can build and remake a sculpture on display in an exhibit Saturday.

The Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention, at 811 S Main St., is opening the Collective Paper Aesthetics exhibit 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at 811 S Main St. The gallery will allow visitors to build with foldable dye cut pieces in order to eventually create a larger structure from thousands of the smaller pieces, said Ellie Thom, the senior manager of Exhibit and Visionaries at the Cade Museum.

The cost of the exhibit, which will be included with regular admission at the museum, ranges from free to $12.50 depending on a visitor’s age, Thom said. Each time the sculpture is completed, it will be taken down and redone by new visitors until the exhibit closes March 1.

“There’s something special about walking into a space and being able to build things with people in your community that you wouldn’t do otherwise,” Thom said.

The system encourages people of varying artistic levels to participate in designing a structure, Thom said. Each visitor will select one of thousands of flat geometric pieces in different shapes and colors and place it in a frame.

The sculpture uses the Fibonacci sequence, a pattern of numbers that follows the sum of the proceeding numbers, to ensure the sculpture works with all the types of pieces, Thom said.

The exhibit’s goal is to allow members of the community to explore their artistic design capabilities no matter what age or skill level through participating in the creation of the sculpture, said Ashley Bryant, the senior manager for Membership and Development at the Cade Museum.

“It’s not just going to be a creation for one person,” Bryant said. “It’s going to be a collaborative creation of everybody who comes into the museum.”

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