An Ocala couple is accused of using an online marketplace to lure a man out of his home in order to burglarize it, according to Gainesville Police.

Chase Mariah Gibiser, 30, entered a Gainesville home on SW Archer Road on June 19, according to a police report. Gibiser’s fiancée, Jamy Martin, contacted the man using an online marketplace to buy a cellphone. Martin had bought items from this seller before, according to the report.

Martin suggested they meet in a grocery store parking lot rather than the man’s apartment as they had previously. The man told police he found this odd, but agreed anyway, according to the report.

Once they arrived at the meeting spot, Martin began stalling. She suggested they go out for drinks, but the man declined and said he was going to the gym. Martin said she would contact him about the phone later and asked him to text her when he left the gym.

The man told police he texted Martin when he was leaving and returned to his home to find it had been burglarized. A windowpane was broken, but no items were known to be missing. Gibiser’s fingerprints were found on the windowsill.

After searching Gibiser’s Facebook page, police found several photos of he and Martin together. The page listed Martin as Gibiser’s fiance, according to the report. He was arrested Monday and charged with burglary of a dwelling, a felony.

He remains in jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond. It is unclear whether he has an attorney.

Martin was arrested in late July, released on bail and awaits a court date in late August. She could not be reached for comment.

Rachael is a senior journalism student and Gainesville native. When her hands aren't covered in flour from making pasta, she's writing about crime, food or traveling.