Until Monday, new Jennings residents will have some notable neighbors.

Thursday morning, President W. Kent Fuchs and his wife, Linda, moved into Jennings Hall for the weekend and helped students move in. They will stay in the residence hall until the new student convocation on Monday morning, said UF spokesperson Sara Tanner.

“Fuchs really values being able to welcome students to campus,” Tanner said. “Move-in day is a big part of the Gator experience, and he finds it important to stay involved with that. The transition can be a difficult one, but he tries to do what he can to make it smoother for everyone.”

Fuchs shared his excitement about the move on Thursday via Twitter. 

This is not the first year he has temporarily lived in a residence hall among students, although he was not able to last year due to scheduling conflicts. He also moved into Jennings in 2016, Tanner said. Besides his participation in move-in day, Fuchs and his wife will continue to participate in events this weekend.

On Friday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., Fuchs will host an open house party for Jennings residents. 

Fuchs will participate in two events on Saturday too -- a brunch with students at the Fresh Food Company in both Broward Dining and Gator Corner Dining, and a shaving cream fight in Yulee Pitt at 2 p.m.

Lukas High, a 20-year-old business junior, said Fuchs’ presence during the moving process is perhaps the most important thing he can do to make students feel at ease. High, who volunteered to help students move into Jennings, said the Fuchs’ were a welcomed help both with moving people in and stopping to take pictures.

In a video posted on Twitter, Fuchs sits in High’s wheeled moving box with his wife in another box right next to him. 

“He's a great president, and it’s nice that he wants to interact with everyone,” High said. 

Parents such as Elizabeth Pierce, the mother of a freshman Jennings resident, also noted Fuchs’ friendliness. As Pierce walked to the back parking lot with a friend, they had the opportunity to meet Fuchs and his wife as they walked around introducing themselves, Pierce said. 

“It was just great to see his presence here, and just to know he's interested in the kids and what they're doing from moving day onward,” Pierce said.

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