Libby Shaw

Libby Shaw (right), senate president for University of Florida student government, receives criticism Tuesday during public comment over the removal of Inspire Senators Ashley Grabowski, the former senate minority leader, and Ben Lima. Eight people read statements from students, alumni and UF staff disagreeing with Shaws actions and asking for the reinstatement of Grabowski and Lima.

Senators and students alike showed up to support former Inspire Senators Ashley Grabowski and Ben Lima at Tuesday night’s UF Student Government Senate meeting. 

During public debate, nine speakers read statements from a number of students, alumni and UF faculty that were submitted through a Google Form made by Senator Zachary Amrose (Inspire, CLAS).  They also shared their own thoughts on the circumstances that lead to Grabowski and Lima being forced to resign their Senate seats due to non-attendance

One speaker, Christina Pugliese addressed Senate President Libby Shaw to say she was disappointed by Shaw’s actions regarding the two senators, and doesn’t think she’ll vote for Shaw again unless she contemplates her actions and makes a change. 

“After this I want to say I respect you, because I did at one point, I really did,” Pugliese said to Shaw. “I’m going to say it again, I voted for you. But right now, I don’t know if I ever want to vote for you again.”

Amrose said between 60 to 70 statements were read from the Google Form and at least 150 total statements were received.  

Following public debate, the Senate approved the Replacement and Agenda Committee's recommendations to fill a variety of different committee seats and a committee chair position. 

The R&A committee recommended Kevin Trejos, Mary Claire Madden, Mike Greenwald, Chase Reineke and David Grant Loy for the open Allocations Committee seats.

Pete Staviski, Tyler Kendrick and Chris O’Meara were recommended for the open Budget and Appropriations Committee seats.

Emily Blomeley, Walker Bean, Jacob LeMaire, Annika Katare and Sean Heera were recommended for the open Rules and Ethics Committee seats.

Anthony Portugues, Walker Bean, Andrew Holman, Aidan Fernandez and Jacob LeMaire were recommended for the open Information and Communications Committee seats. 

Sam Girschick was recommended for the vacant Allocations Committee Chair. 

All the recommendations were voted on and approved in a block by a majority of the Senators present, despite objections from the minority party, who argued the nominations for each committee should be voted on individually instead of all together.

The next Senate meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 9.