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Ashley Marceus wants an African American studies department and to end racism on campus.

Marceus, a 21-year-old UF African American studies, political science and women’s studies senior, contributed her ideas for a better campus Monday for Impact Party’s platform.

“As a black student, my narrative, my experience is much different from a lot of students on campus at a predominantly white institution,” Marceus said.

Members of Impact and Inspire parties set up at tables in front of the Reitz Union and on Turlington Plaza on Monday looking for student ideas to consider for their party’s platforms. These platforms will be used for the upcoming Student Government elections on Sept. 25 and 26, in which 50 student senators will be elected.

Impact began looking for student ideas Monday, Impact Party President Anmol Shah said. Shah said the party spoke to around 650 students throughout the day.

In the past, students have suggested ideas including better student health care.  

“They’re really vocal with their ideas and it makes what we want to do more meaningful,” Shah said.  

Inspire Party began generating their platform on Thursday, Inspire Party President Ashley Grabowski said. On Monday, the party spoke to over 400 students, she said.

“It helps to get out of the Student Government bubble and talk to students in person,” Grabowski said.

Scott Shanbom, an 18-year-old UF zoology sophomore, stopped by Inspire Party’s table in Turlington to share his idea for more campus dining options.

“Tell them what you want improved,” Shanbom said. “If you don’t tell the people who are going to be your elected officials, then nothing’s gonna get done.”

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