The Oaks Mall’s Charlotte Russe in shutdown limbo.

Charlotte Russe, located at 6345 W Newberry Rd. in the Oaks Mall, will close as the company faces bankruptcy. The store will be having a closing sale of 25-40 percent off until all products are sold.

Charlotte Russe in The Oaks Mall, along with all its stores nationwide, will close its doors after the company declared bankruptcy in February.

There is no set date for when the women’s clothing store will close, said assistant manager Grace Fernandez.

Sales of 25-40 percent off will continue until the location sells out of products, Fernandez said.

Ninety-four stores nationwide have already shut down, Fernandez said. This is about 20 percent of the total number of stores, which is more than 500.

The company has been more than $50 million in debt for years because of less customer traffic in stores, Fernandez said.

“The bottom line is that online stores are getting the best of in-person retail,” Fernandez said.

Fifteen people are employed at the Gainesville location, which opened in September 2014, Fernandez said.

“We were lucky to have that forewarning and not be a part of those first 94 closed stores,” Fernandez said. “It gave us enough time to start thinking about new jobs.”

Since the sale started on March 7, the store has earned about $14,000 per day, surpassing its goal of about $6,000, Fernandez said.

Melanie De Las Salas, a 22-year-old UF elementary education senior, was checking out sales when she heard the store was closing.

“My real concern is what’s going to happen to Oaks Mall. Why are all the stores closing?” she said.

Angie McCann, the senior general manager of Oaks Mall, declined to comment.