Dennis Kane, the self proclaimed "peace guy," makes a peace sign with his fingers on Turlington Plaza on Thursday afternoon.

University Police say the banned “Turlington Dancer” stepped foot on UF’s campus again at midnight Friday.

Dennis Kane, 43, of Gainesville, was seen on UF property around 15th Street and West University Avenue, near Matherly Hall, according to the UPD arrest report.

Kane admitted to police he was trespassing on campus and acknowledged he was banned, the report said.

Kane, a former UF student, made a name for himself by dancing in colorful shorts and throwing peace signs in Turlington Plaza. However, his time at UF hasn’t always been peaceful.

University Police banned Kane from campus — for the second time — for three years after students complained about his aggressive and loud behavior in August 2017, according to Alligator archives. Kane was banned after he harassed a female student and told another, “You’d better watch out,” police said.

Kane was first banned from campus for three years in 2012 for threatening students, according to archives.

He is charged with trespassing and is being held in Alachua County Jail in lieu of a $20,000 bond.

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