crime tape

Gainesville Police arrested a woman on three charges of burglary of an unoccupied conveyance unarmed and one charge of resisting an officer without violence.

According to the GPD arrest report, Jessica Martin, 30, was reportedly observed attempting to gain access to multiple vehicles on Northwest 29th Place.

At 9:46 p.m. Saturday, a resident of the neighborhood reportedly observed Martin walk toward his vehicle, which was parked in his driveway, and pull on the driver’s door handle. She couldn’t gain access to the vehicle because it was locked. The witness observed the events from his home surveillance system.



According to the report, surveillance footage showed Martin approaching two other vehicles west of the witness’s residence. An attempt was made to open both, but she was unable to gain access to the vehicles.

Officers arrived on the scene and spoke with the neighbors who said they knew Martin and that she had been staying at their residence temporarily. According to the report, Martin was only there for one night prior to the incident.

After speaking to the neighbors, the officer saw Martin approach their residence wearing the same clothing from the surveillance video: a baggy shirt, gym shorts, black shoes and a watch on her right wrist.

Before the officer spoke to her, Martin reportedly pulled out an iPad with a cracked screen and said she found it on the road. The officer told Martin she was being detained for criminal investigation and read her Miranda rights.

According to the arrest report, Martin then denied attempting to burglarize the vehicles. Martin said she had found the iPad on the road after it had been driven over by a car. According to the report, Martin was unable to point exactly where she found the iPad on the road. 


After the witness identified Martin as the person in the video, Martin spontaneously turned around and placed her hands behind her back, the officer said. Martin said she knew she was under arrest, according to the report.

The officer grabbed Martin’s hands when she turned around and said she was being placed under arrest. As he grabbed Martin’s hands, Martin tensed up and began to pull away, according to the report.

The officer told Martin not to tense up at which point, Martin started using profanity and began to flail her arms. She began to pull away from the officers as they tried to handcuff her. 
After she was taken to the ground, Martin reportedly stopped resisting.

She is currently held at the Alachua County Jail. Her bond has been set at $40,000.

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