A loud noise wakes you up from your midnight nap. It’s finally the end of the semester and you’re looking forward to winter break but definitely not exams. You haven’t been sleeping much, but the tables at Library West always serve as a nice substitute for a bed. 

Looking around for the source of commotion, you quickly become confused by the lack of occupants in the library.

You start to wonder how late it is, and why there aren’t even people at the reception desk. 

The only other person in the room seems to be a man crudely dressed as Santa Claus.

It’s clearly time to leave.

As you try to escape, the old man reaches over and takes something out of his rucksack. 

For some reason, you decide to stay and see what he has to offer you, probably because you’ve seen too many Lifetime movies.

In the palm of his hand, you see...

Darts and Laurels

Sadly, Darts and Laurels is coming to an end this semester, but amidst these hard times, we figure the best way to let off some steam is to look for the good in life — and to call some people out too.

We have to celebrate both Lizzo and Billie Eilish being nominated for all four major Grammy nominations by giving them both laurels. Thanks for working hard and representing female creativity and capability. 

Too bad the Grammys failed to nominate a single woman for rap album of the year, but we’re going to let that one slide for now. 

It looks like other people are having trouble representing the wants of the public and MSNBC has recently come under fire for this on Twitter. The news organization hosted the most recent Democratic debate on Wednesday and gave Andrew Yang the least speaking time, despite his ranking sixth in popularity polls. Alongside this, Yang was given the most absurd questions and received no mentions in their daily programming. We have to give MSNBC a dart for ignoring the wants of the public and not being mature enough to conduct a debate without inserting their own bias.

Thankfully, at least one organization has begun to incorporate public opinion. Following several years of public controversy, Chick-fil-A has decided to stop funding anti-LGBTQ+ organizations, and we have to give them a laurel for being somewhat supportive of the community. Hopefully, they can follow this with policies ensuring safe workplaces for LGBTQ+ employees next.

The Salesian Catholic order, an organization dedicated to child advocacy, has hurt the community it aims to serve. CNN recently reported an investigation conducted on one of its members, Father Luk Delft, who was allowed to work with vulnerable families for years despite being a convicted pedophile. 

This monster deserves way more than a dart, but we’re going to have to settle for that for now.

At the very least, we can find comfort in the fact that Twitter has been making fun of President Trump for his terrible handwritten letter, and we have to give him a dart for embarrassing our country yet again with his terrible writing.

Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with him as our president for much longer.

The Editorial Board consists of Zora Viel, Opinions Editor; Amanda Rosa, Editor-in Chief; Kelly Hayes, Digital Managing Editor; and Tranelle Maner, Engagement Managing Editor.