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Sunday, November 28, 2021



The Starving Gator: Starbucks' secret menu

Have you ever been standing in line in Starbucks and heard someone order some unusual drink that is definitely not on the menu? Maybe they show their phone to the barista at the register and then the barista starts furiously typing on the register, creating what seems to be a pretty complex order. You, my friends, have just witnessed someone ordering from the Starbucks Secret Menu. With over 100 different recipes and growing each and every day with new recipes from Starbucks baristas and customers, this website is sprawling with interesting and unique recipes to try out. I have not had the pleasure of trying every item on this menu, but I do have some personal favorites. A word of warning though: Please don’t try to order any of these drinks by name only– instead show them the recipes which can be found on the website.


Gainesvillista: Perfect lips for summer

Summer is the time of the year where I feel like I can be the most creative when it comes to my lips; picking bold pinks and oranges seem less of a daunting idea for some reason. I tend to lean towards neutral pink-toned lips and bolder eyes, which I still do most of the time. Lately however, I am loving doing the exact opposite; neutral eyes and a bold lip. 

"You Are Beautiful" by Jenna, used under CC BY 2.0

The Whole You: Glorify your body

You are beautiful. Have you ever looked into the mirror and told yourself that? I am beautiful. Three very simple words that encompass so much. Beauty is not just someone’s outward appearance, it is their spirit. It is who they are on the inside. I am a firm believer in that beauty shines from the inside out. I see so many people, men and women alike, who stare at themselves in the mirror with disdain. Do they not see how amazing they are? The human body is such an amazing thing; why not glorify it as such? We may not all have six pack abs, but we all have THE one and only human body to work with. 


For Your Entertainment: What’s new in Harry Potter

Three years ago the Harry Potter saga ended– or so we thought. It turns out that no matter how many times she says she’s finished with Harry’s story, JK Rowling still has a lot to tell us about the wizarding world. Here are some of the new things Potterheads can enjoy post-Deathly Hallows:

FYE: 2014 album

For Your Entertainment: 2014 exceptional albums

July quickly comes to a close and thus the first half of 2014 becomes history. Interestingly music releases so far fail to stack up to the albums released up to this point in 2013. Last year by this time, we’d listened to new Daft Punk, Kanye West, Disclosure, Local Natives, Jay Z, and Justin Timberlake albums. Despite the light pickings, 2014 has offered some exceptional albums. Here's our picks for the best thus far:


This Week In Social Justice: Transcending the binary

Many of us don’t think twice about selecting a gender when we fill out a medical document, fill out an application or create an online profile for the latest social media. Many of us see “male” and “female” and so from the two, we choose the one with which we were taught to identify since birth.

WLGYL: Girls

When Life Give You Lemons: 15 things you need to understand about women…

Alright men, this is the advice you’ve all been waiting for. Most of you seem to have a tough time “getting” it, and it’s really not as confusing as you think. And women, for some reason we like to beat around the bush. We like to hide our feelings and have trouble admitting the inevitable truth. Maybe that’s because we are actually as manipulative as men think. or maybe it’s because we’re lying to ourselves– but it’s probably just because we know the truth hurts.


On Trend, On a Budget: Summer kicks that kick butt

There’s officially one more month of summer before we Gators are heading back from whence we came (no, I don’t mean your parents’ house, I’m talking about the one and only Gainesville!). And that means that no matter where we may currently be, from relaxing on the Floridian shoreline to studying abroad in the cities of Europe and everywhere in between, we better kick this summer into high gear.


Starving Gator: Original Gainesville food truck rally

On July 26th, Gainesville will be having its monthly food truck rally at High Dive, with twelve different food trucks/stands in attendance. For the past few years, food trucks have been growing in both popularity and demand, with trucks offering specialty cuisine not found anywhere else. When grouped together, food trucks can be overwhelming with their wide array of culinary choices, so here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the main vendors at Gainesville’s rally.

Florida Alligator

Swamp of Love: Making your long-distance relationship work

When you meet your high school sweetheart, it seems like nothing in the world could possibly go wrong; your head’s in the clouds and you’re never more than 10 feet away from your significant other during your free time. Life is perfect, that is, until you go to college. A lot of high school couples experience the awkward, “Okay so I got into UF and you got into FSU (are you sure he’s a keeper?) phase, and have no idea what to do. Almost always, they choose to break up without even thinking twice. Many people think that long distance relationships don’t work, but I’m here to tell you that they do if you take the right steps to make it that way.

Bleacher Creatures: No-Hitters

Bleacher Creatures: The makeup of a no-hitter

Many great feats can be achieved in the sports world, but perhaps the most intriguing is baseball’s no-hitter. In the long history of Major League Baseball there have been 285 no-hitters. As of July 11, 2014, there have been three no-hitters in the 2014 season. The pitchers responsible were Josh Beckett, Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum. 


Gainesvillista: Fashion for a cause

Fashion is sometimes ridiculed for being superficial and selfish, as it is “just for looks”. I strongly believe that fashion encompasses much more than these stereotypical notions. Fashion can help people in more ways than one; besides boosting confidence and making people feel special, the Fashion Industry Association (FIA) of Tampa is showing people that fashion can truly make a difference in thousands of lives. 

"'One Day Like This' - Elbow, Glastonbury Festival 2014" by Kris Williams

For Your Entertainment: Music festivals–then and now

It’s no secret that music festivals have grown immensely in popularity. A temporary escape from reality, music festivals gather hundreds of artists for relatively inexpensive prices (cheaper than seeing your favorite bands individually, too). However, has their growing popularity potentially compromised the performances of the artists?

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